‘We will carry out a verification exercise, this is not to witch-hunt anybody, but to ensure that there is no fraud in the payroll of the State Civil Service payroll system, so by this verification, we will be able to save some money, to cater for the welfare of the workers and the generality of the people in the State.

“It is not so a good news, but it will be good at the end of the day, we have to do things for the generality of the State, we must carry out capital projects and do things that will expand the economy of the state, I want to solicit for your cooperation, and involvement to carry out the exercise within the shortest time.”

Penpushing further reports that, Makinde commended the efforts of the State Civil Service, noting that his achievement during the 100 days in office could have been achieve without their hardworking and cooperation.

“You have done well within these 100 days in office, you have supported us, we wouldn’t have achieved this without you, this meeting is to tell you where we are and where we are going to because where we are still going is far, so we need to do more”

“For us this administration is beyond politics or religion, nobody under my watch will be discriminated against irrespective of their political or religion lineage, anybody who wants to divide Oyo State because of politics should find another to thing to do.”

“Political office holders may give you instructions, but I urge you all to turn down the offer if the instruction is not in the interest of the Oyo State, nobody will be sack without any reason, we shall follow due process as far as civil service is concern, don’t bribe anybody with  money for transfer or promotion, you shall be promoted as at when due and your salaries will also be paid as at when due.”

Penpushing also reports that, the Governor  urged the  people in the State to cooperate and work together to make a giant progress noting that  political office holders cannot do it alone, ‘let us pull together in the same direction’.

The Head of Service in Oyo State, Alhaja Ololade Agboola,  earlier in her remarks noted that the interactive session was initiated and approved by the Governor, who said that he would love to interact with the civil servant sin the State, adding that it is a great privileged bestowed on workers  which will never forget

The Head of Service said the Governor has been fulfilling his campaign promises to the people of the State and the civil servants have not been exempted, since the inception of this administration, adding that the workers and pensioners have been receiving salaries on or before 25th of every month.

 “There is also an increase in the amount been released to our senior citizens as gratuity on monthly basis, the disbursement of One Billion, Four Hundred and Eighty Million Naira was approved to be paid to Local Government and primary schools retirees who retired between year 2010 and 2012, the Governor has also approved a car loan scheme and Housing Loan Scheme be reviewed.”

The number one civil servant, however, urged the workers to be committed to their duties and shunned activities that can tarnish the image of the service, their families, and the state in particular, noting that this is the time for them to be rededicated to their duties, and guide against truancy, lateness to work, disloyalty to the government, embezzlement, hobnobbing and other improper conduct.

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