Nigerian actor, Dele Odule cries out against suspected fraudster using his image to defraud people

A veteran Nollywood Actor Dele Odule has raised alarm over a suspected fraudster using his (Odule) image and name to defraud his fans and people across the globe, requesting for financial assistance and support.

Penpushing reports that Odule made this known on Monday, crying out loud that the impostor has been discovered using a mobile phone number 07082858186 to perpetrate the criminal actives through social media which has gone viral.

The renowned movie actor in a 3-minute video clip he sent to Penpushing Media to debunk the request and disowned the suspected fraudster called on his fans across the globe to be cautious of the dubious messages and help him to rain curses of the criminal

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‘Hello my name is Dele Odule. I am an actor; I have come again. I have said this once and I am now repeating it. It has been brought to my notice that someone, somewhere is using my picture to swindle people, to scam people, begging them for money, soliciting support’, he said.

‘This is not coming from me.  I still go to locations and they pay me, and money I received from these producers is enough for me to be a responsible man. Please anybody that get you contacted, just tell that person that, that person should proof it, its not me’, Odule emphasised.

Penpushing further reports that he, however, explained that by the living standard of an average actor in Nigeria, he is contended and that he would not descend so low to be begging for money through internet.

‘By the living standard of an average actor in this country I am contended. I am not saying I am rich, but what I am just trying to say is that I know how to get across to my fans, I know how to get across to my families’, Odule added.

‘I know how to get across to my good friends. I know for sure that they would heed to my calls if I actually need them. You know, someone who is doing this I don’t know what else I am going to do, I have said it many times that someone is using my name to swindling innocent people’, he stated,

‘I beg you all help me rain curses on the person. I didn’t ask for money from anybody. I am not asking for such, am not saying I don’t need people for help, but I don’t need it I can’t be on internet begging people’, he emphasised.

‘I am responsible enough to get responsible to my needs. Please for God sake, help me beg the person behind this. People calling me here and there, abroad, here in Nigeria asking me if truly I have really requested for money’.

‘I have never done that.  I don’t pray to do that. I don’t pray in my life to go into internet and be begging people to support me with money. I don’t pray, I am not saying I have got enough but I know how I can reach my people’, the actor stressed.

‘Please this is coming the second time. I pleaded in name of God help me rain curses on the person. He is using this number 07082858186, that is the number. Even by the time you go into that account, my name will not reflect’, Odule added.

‘Please anybody who approach you, get in touch with me, if you get in touch with me if I need the money, I will let you know. Please as you have been praying for me, keep on doing that and I promise you that I would keep the flag flying by special grace of God. Thank you all and God bless you all. I love you so much’, he said

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