He said, in the course of further investigation, it was discovered that, the leader of the robbery gang was a landlord in the community, whose house is located a stone throw to the victim’s private residence, adding that the arrested two suspects had confessed to the crime

‘This is uncommon story, a landlord who is a neigbour of the victim, who is also a landlord in the community was discovered to have led the robbery gang to the house of the victim, and robbed his house and took away his car at gun point’, Oyeyemi said

Narrating his ordeal to journalists, the victim, Wale Okeyingbo said he could not believe his eyes and ears on discovery that, his co-landlord was behind the robbery operations, but recalled that when the bandits arrived they started shooting sporadically.

He said, after scaling his fence, the gang asked him to open the door, but pleaded with them, and to ask for whatever they wanted, and ready to part away with it, adding that at that stage the robbers demanded for his car, and had to hand over the key to them through the window.

The victim recalled that, the bandits also came with keg of petrol which they pour in the car tank and drove it off, stressing that it was never occurred to him that, his co-landlord was behind the operations, until when he was arrested.

‘I am still amazed and need to thank my star for not coming out as requested by the robbers, else they would have killed me, if the gang leader observe or realize I know him. This is a man, who was the one who trained me how to drive when I bought my car’, Okeyingbo said.

The robbery gang leader while speaking with journalists also confessed his role in the operations, while the arrested colleague also affirmed the robbery operations, attributing the crime to devil, adding that the ring leader who is his friend encouraged him to commit the crime

Meanwhile, in a related development, a 23 year old boy has been arrested for allegedly stealing his cousin’s car in Ondo State, which was later recovered in Ogun State

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