‘Specifically they are to undertake the development of estates by acquiring, developing, holding, managing, selling, leasing or letting any property movable or un movable in their respective state; provide a home ownership, saving scheme in respect of any housing estate or building owned, constructed and managed by them with a view to enabling members of the   public purchase or build their own houses; provide sites and services scheme for residential, commercial and industrial purposes for the people of their respective states, construct and maintain modern dwelling houses at reasonable costs for sales to members of the public, undertake the construction of offices, commercial and industrial buildings for letting out to members of the public among other things, engage in other investment activities and opportunities as may be determined by the respective state governments.

‘ If there has been effective implementation of housing policies, all these would have significantly benefited the masses and above all contributed to the growth of the nation’s economy as a result of profit made from sales and rents. Unfortunately however, our hyper growth in population, political ininstability and inconsistencies at the federal level overtime could not allow effective housing delivery.

In concluding, Adeyemo said he has several effective solutions to all these problems but declared that those ideas remains his intellectual property and thus would not be made public

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