Women group lobbies political parties for adequate participation of women in elective positions

The Women Lobby Group has called on political parties in Ogun State  and Governor Dapo Abiodun  on need to increase women’s representation in  the forthcoming local elections, adding that  this would help ensure parity in gender representation.

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Penpushing reports that, the network, which comprises of organisations and individuals made the call at a press conference adding that it  is working to improve the participation and role of women in politics and governance and geared towards achieving the 35% affirmative action at all levels and beyond.

The coordinator, Prof.(Mrs) Olubunmi Ashimolowo while addressing the press pointed out that under  the current difficult and challenging times, the government should not miss a key opportunity to increase women’s representation in local elections’

‘This would help ensure parity in gender representation. 100 Women Lobby Group commends the Governor of our Dear Governor for being proactive in ensuring gender representation in all spheres of governance’, she said.

‘Our Vision: 100 Women Lobby Group envisages a Society where equity, Equal opportunity for all, Gender justice, Access to health, Quality Education and Good Governance reign.Our Mission: 100 Women Lobby Group encourages participatory resolution to solve Socio-Political and Economic Challenges for a better society.

‘Mr. Governor to do something to further support the political aspirations of our women. This is bearing in mind that all around the world, the wind of change is blowing and Ogun State must not be left out’.

‘The low representation of women in local government affairs in Ogun State is worrying, and a lot of challenges are currently facing women who dare to come out at this point in time.  Some had been asked to step down

‘We need the support of the State Governor  Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun. We equally need support from well-meaning Ogun State citizens and the media to support and promote the political aspirations of our women, in order to achieve 35 percent affirmative action, which is a lot far from being realized judging from the prevailing situation within the political parties in the State’.

Penpushing further reports that, Ashimolowo noted that,inspite  of efforts of many women to participate actively in governance and get higher positions, low women representation still remains a challenge.

‘Mr. Governor has a critical role to play now, in getting more women into politics and leadership positions by promoting and protecting their interests, at this point in time. Most of our women in this region have been socialised in a way that they cannot withstand the pressure and acrimony in politics especially in positions that require campaigning and voting’.

‘This is where Mr. Governor can come in, so that in places where women had indicated interest at running, their interest can be protected and promoted. We must not forget that women empowerment is a tool for state and national development; we should not overlook this, most especially having high representation of women at the local level of governance’

.‘It is noted that in the forthcoming election, only 3 women are going for the position of Local Government Chairmanship out of the 20 Local Government Areas in Ogun State. Also, the number of women coming out for the position of counsellorship is really low’.

‘This is as a result of the systemic pressures and maneuvers that had short changed them. There is a need to support the few women, who have had the courage to come out and put forward themselves for elections.

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