Penpushing media founder urges Nigerian lawmakers to reconsider gender bill

Victoria Olawale and Dapo Elujoba(interns)

The founder of Penpushing media, Prince Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji has called on the National Assembly to retrace their steps over recent decision to throw away the gender equality bills, said to have being presented by the Nigerian women to pass into law.

Penpushing reports that, he gave the advice during an interview with journalists at the International Women’s Day celebration held on Tuesday, which was jointly organized by National Association of Women Journalists(NAWOJ) in collaboration with Naccima Business Women Group(NAWORG) an Ogun State Women Sheabutter Mutlipurpose Society held in Abeokuta

The veteran journalist  noted that the theme for the 2022 International Women’s Day, ’Break the Bias”, was relevant at this  point in time, particularly in view of numerous challenges the country is facing, adding that women are known to be best managers to proffer solutions.

Penpushing further reports that, Kayode-Adedeji posited that the lawmakers were not fair enough to the womenfolk to have jettison the bills, and encourage women not to relent in their efforts to forge ahead in ensuring they get positive results towards their needs

“The fact remains that whether  we like it or not women are best managers  in all  ramifications, aside from that tell me a human being that doesn’t pass through a woman’, he said .

‘Even at home,  no matter how strong you are as a man, the woman at home remains the authentic land lord, in the sense that many of the things that have to be done at home at being  carried out by women. And I appreciate women that’s why I decided to get involved in the activities they do.  I ensure I’m part of the progress of women’, Kayode-Adedeji stated.

The  media practitioner also advised women to do away with blackmailing and name callings of each other, whenever anyone of them is aspiring to get to the top, stating that, his personal investigation had shown that, in most cases they are their own enemies.

The bitter truth is that women are the problems for the progress of women, it’s the women that causes problem for women, in the sense that when they want to go for a higher position in the country, it’s the same women that will pull down themselves, rather for them to speak with one voice, you will see them start blackmailing their colleagues who’s trying to move higher” , he noted

Penpushing also reports that, he cited example when one of them, Sarah Jubril contested for the presidency, in the country, and the woman scored less than ten votes, pointing out that, it was a clear indication that, the women did not vote for her as one of them

‘I recalled when Sarah Jubril, who is one of them contested for the Presidency, she scored the lowest votes with ridiculous results, so where were the women votes, it shows they didn’t support or vote for her massively, rather they voted for her male counterpart. I want to charge them, it s time to change and rally round themselves to have their way successfully’, Kayode-Adedeji emphasized

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