We now doubt your competence, Ogun state students tell senator tolu odebiyi

Yanju Uwala in Abeokuta

Ogun State Students under the aegis of the National Association of Ogun State Students (NAOSS) has condemned the representation of Senator. Tolu Odebiyi at the Senate describing it as irresponsible.

Penpushing reports that the students said that Odebiyi as part of his irresponsibility no longer have the interest of the Ogun West people at heart again, rather he has turned Lagos and Abuja to his permanent home.

The National President of the Association, Comrade Oluwagbemileke Ogunronmbi, made this known in a statement made available to journalists on Sunday, in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, accusing the Senator of making blatant lies about the distribution of about 2,000 rams to his constituents in Ogun West for the celebration of the Ileya Festival.

“As if these were not enough, the senator went ahead to make a blatant and irresponsible lies in the press by saying he bought and distributed two thousand rams to his constituents. We are so sure that not even the state government can lay claim to distributing two thousand rams,

“He should not only be condemned for fabricating falsehood but also for the resources of the constituency that would have been embezzled in same manner,” the students leader said.

Penpushuing further reports that, Ogunronmbi blamed the death of many students to lack of true and adequate representation of Senator Odebiyi in the constituency, adding that they also went on fact-finding mission to identify the cause of such problem.

“It needs not to be reiterated that on so many occasions we have lost innocent souls of students and residents to avoidable deaths in Ogun West if there were adequate representation from that constituency. Hence, we went on our fact finding mission to identify the problems associated with that district and the causes of such problems’,

“It would be shocking to say that in a district that has international boarder, there is no standard company at all which could have provided employment opportunity and Corporate Social Responsibility to the people of Idiroko and Ogun West entirely’,This has left some of our students, youths and average residents to making smuggling a means of livelihood as there is no employment alternative,” he added.

“We are able to gather and affirm the constituency lacks electricity and provision of good water in the communities. The Senator, who served as the Chief Of Staff to the last administration, cannot claim to be unaware of this predicament in his constituency

“We can conclude that Sen Tolu Odebiyi who has made Abuja and Lagos his permanent residencies has no interest of the dear people of Ogun West at heart. This is on the premise that there is no single project in the name of Tolu Odebiyi in the district after a year as a Senator,

“We are aware of how he has continuously diverted the constituency allowances and other proceedings of his office to establish companies and empires in Lagos whereby living the true owner of the wealth stranded’,

“It should also be stated that not until we raised an alarm and called him out did he eventually make a non significant statement on the killings of Nigerian Students by the custom in the border area. Till date, one cannot identify any progressive action of the Senator on the matter”, he added.

Penpushing further reports that the students’ leader,  accused the Senator of not being able to address smuggling issues in the constituency and inability to create employment for the constituents.

“Our conclusion is that, the Senator cannot come out to speak against smuggling and call for the orderliness of the Nigerian Customs in that area because he has failed to facilitate any legal alternative jobs for the constituents,

“The senator rather than employing the resources of the constituency for the use of the people in providing solutions to the issues listed above, he has chosen to wastefully expended the resources to serve his political selfishness,

“In the same regard, we are using the medium to sound a note of warning to all other House of Representative and Senatorial members of the state that we may not apply the issuing of public statement before taking them on in a battle to ensure the good people of Ogun States enjoy the proceeding of democratic representation.’, he stated



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