Obasanjo while lamenting that, no women has attained the position of a Governor, Senate President or any other top positions in the country administration, declared that it was high time for them to take reasonable positions in the nation’s political space.

He also stressed  that they(women) should also  be adequately prepared, by  first putting  their feet right  and be willing to pay the necessary price to witness the desired change, noting that there is no tradition or culture that encourages subjugation of women in Nigeria.

Obasanjo blamed the shortchanging of womenfolk in the scheme of things on “male chauvinism mentality and selfishness of men’, and educated the women that, they should realize the fact that nobody would concede a space to the other person unless it is fought for and won.

The former President said experience had continued to show that when women are put in positions of responsibility, they do better and preached that they should be incorporated into all strata of leadership for nation building. “If only womanhood was enough to get Mrs Hilary Clinton would have made it to the White House but she had a man(Donald Trump) who did what he could do to get to power.

“I don’t want or expect women to climb palm trees to harvest bunch of palm fruits. If anybody says he wants to see my mother climb palm trees, I will take a second look at that person but women must do what it takes to succeed in Nigerian political space’.

“To you women, do not allow any body to build your world for you. Build your world for yourself. Yes, women need encouragement but they must do enough for themselves,” Obasanjo said

He explained that in his time as a young Nigerian, people  had more opportunities but less facilities to take advantage of such opportunities contrary to what obtained today where Nigerians  have more facilities but less opportunities to function or embrace.

He urged Nigerian women to take cue from America and prepare for politics, saying if being a woman alone was what it takes to succeed in political ambition, Mrs Hilary Clinton would be emerged the United States President today.

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