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N15million cooperative allocation tears society apart in Ogun state

The officials and members of the Primary School Teachers Cooperative Society in Ipokia local government area of Ogun State are now at loggerhead over alleged unpaid six years cooperative deductions for the beneficiaries.

Penpushing reports that, the executive of the society have been alleged to have diverted the money totaling N15million for their personal use, rather than effect the payment into the accounts  of the retired teachers.

The aggrieved members as investigation revealed also pointed fingers at the coordinator of the cooperative society, as running the affairs of the society like a personal estate, said to be contrary  to the law establishing cooperative societies.

Penpushing further reports that, the coordinator was alleged of taking over the roles and responsibilities of the chairman, secretary and treasurer of the society, who they said are afraid of his influence in the state.

The finding also revealed that, the aggrieved members of the cooperative society, alleged that aside from non-remittance of the deductions, the retirees and others have been denied the opportunity to secure loan by leadership of the society

Penpushing reports that, the coordinator of the cooperative society, Alhaji Busari Ayotunde when contacted said he was shocked that, journalist is being been involved on the issue, and debunked the entire allegations, adding that contrary to that, some affected members are still in owing  the society

‘What do you want me to say? I don’t know who might have told you that.  My own side of the story might not have been the way they told you.  Is not the way at all. The way it is was that, presently we know we wanted to pay some of the retirees, and am telling you that by now, some of those who have even retired are owing us some of the money, and we have been to pension board Abeokuta’.

‘They are part of our members and they are suppose to pay back their loan before they retired, they have not finished paying the money before they retired. And we have been to the state secretariat in Abeokuta, they said we should write out their names and bring the amount they are owing us’, he added.

‘Then, two, part of the money we are planning to use to pay them are still with the government, but for the past one and half years now, they have not given us deductions. From part of the money, we would have been able to pay’, the coordinator said.

‘We discussed that at our exco meeting, that as from this April salary, because of some of our members are still giving us money, we are going to be paying one after the other, we would not wait until those of them owing us, that is our own resolution for now. When the government now pay us, we will deduct into our purse, that’s our own decision for now’,Ayotunde emphasised

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