Bisexual allegation: Sibling seeks Canadian government’s intervention to save brother’s life

A sister of a Nigerian, Gbenga Adebayo , based in Canada has called on the Canadian authorities to come to the aid of her brother over alleged persecution by some members of the family for practicing bisexual.

Penpushing reports that Mrs Omotola Odunewu, sister of Adebayo, in  Ogun State Ministry of Justice  affidavit raised the alarm explaining that  the heat from the alleged family members, was becoming unbearable with introduction of death threat, hence, resolved  to escape from Nigeria to Canada  to seek asylum.

‘I Mrs Omotola Odunewu, female, Christian, Yoruba, Nigerian Citizen residing at number 20,Lantoro, Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria, do hereby declare an oath and state as follows; that I am the above named declarant’, the affidavit reads

‘That I am the elder sister to Mr Gbenga Adebayo from the mother side. That our family consists of two (2) male children and four (4), and I am the third (3rd) born of our mother. That I am aware that my brother is facing persecution from the family members of our mother in Nigeria because he is practicing bisexual’, the affidavit stated

‘That the family members of our mother have issued death threat on my brother, Mr Gbenga Adebayo, and those that tend to pacify them to allow Mr Gbenga Adebayo live his life. That the heat from the said group led to his escape to Canada to seek asylum, because the threat was on his life’, Odunewu emphasised

Penpushing further reports that, the elder sister said in the affidavit that the same group resurfaced in February, 2021 and physically assaulted and attacked their mother, Mrs Atinuke Adebayo in her place of business, and that the matter was reported to the police

The sister added that  following the attack on the mother, she was rushed to hospital  for medication, but thereafter gave up the ghost on February 20, 2021, as contained in a medical report, with diagnosis of severe head injury/multiple soft tissue injury

‘That 3 months later, the group bent on exterminating all the male children from my mother side, attacked my senior brother, Mrs Abiodun Oyesile. That the attack led to his death’, Odunewu emphasised

Penpushing also reports that the elder sister expressed fear that if her brother, Gbenga Adebayo return to Nigeria, he may be kill, appealing that he is the only surviving male child in the family, whose life should be protected.

‘That if Mr Gbenga Adebayo returns to Nigeria, he will be killed as they promised. That Mr Gbenga Adebayo is our only surviving male child. That I pray my junior brother, Mr Gbenga Adebayo gets protection in Canada where fundamental human rights is respected’, Odunewu stressed

‘That this affidavit is now required for urgent attention by the government of Canada. And that I make this solemn declaration in good faith, believing same to be true and correct in accordance with statutory Declaration Law of Ogun State of Nigeria, 2016’, Odunewu emphasised

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