Two Nigerian Islamic clerics beg American Judge to temper justice with mercy on Hushipuppi’s large- scale cyber-fraud

Two Nigerian Islamic clerics have written the United States of America (USA) court, begging for mercy on behalf of the self-confessed international fraudster, Ramon Abass, popularly called Hushipuppi, who they described as benefactors of their Islamic sects and mosques

Penpushing reports that, the clerics Rasaq Olopede and  Hudu Abdulrasak in their separate letters dated October 4 and 8 respectively said Hushipuppi was a frequent donator to the mosques, and paid glowing tributes to him  for his philanthropic gestures to the orphan, the widow and others in need.

The Chief Imams of separate mosques in Lagos and Borno States in their separate letters portrayed Hushpuppi as a kind, loving, and generous man, whose criminal conduct alleged in the charges levelled against him, came to them as a rude shock.

Penpushing further reports that, one of the clerics in the letter said Hushpuppi was known to his congregation in Maiduguri as a man that had lent hands of assistance to many in the community and environs

The imam added that Hushpuppi’s philanthropic gestures included provision of borehole and water well, payment of school fees, feeding programmes, and rendering assistance to the needy, widows and orphans on several occasions.

Penpushing also reports that, in similar vein, the other Islamic cleric, while attesting to  Hushpupi’s kind-heartedness that he was known for in the Lagos mosque, said he made himself a willing and available example of hard work and humility for teenagers in his immediate neighbourhood

The Imam declared that, Hushpuppi provided leadership and mentorship to friends and older adults alike, even as he sought direction for his own life, stating that at different times, he had donated to the mosque and bought a generator for the mosque.

‘‘We hereby plead and pray to your honour to kindly put the above stated into consideration when tempering justice .Ramon would usually contribute his part to anything that concerns the mosque, he would offer financial support at every given time when the mosque was holding events,” the cleric wrote.

Penpushing reports that, the cleric said Hushpuppi’s involvement in criminal activities came as a rude shock, lamenting that it was unbelievable that such a promising young man with a tremendous attitude towards work could engaged in shady deals

“It was surprising that a promising young individual with a tremendous attitude towards work could be doing anything shady. I hope the remorse he has shown in the last years makes it a worthy recourse to getting a reduced sentence’, the letter reads.

Penpushing further reports that, the clerics admitted that, they have been informed of how Hushpuppi had been cooperative and well-behaved during this trial, and  understood the enormity of the crime, but called on the judge to evoke the emotional part  and beg to  temper justice with mercy.

The defendant, it is recalled  was arrested in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates,(UAE) and flown to the United States of America(USA)in June 2020 to face charges of multi-million dollars fraudulent schemes including bank cyber-heists.

Penpushing also reports that America authorities said Hushpuppi and his conspirators, through an extensive cyber-fraud, targeted multiple victims, including a bank in Malta, a law firm in New York, two companies in the United Kingdom, and a businessperson in Qatar.

The defendant had earlier denied the charges, but made a turnaround to enter into a plea bargain agreement with the America government in July 2021, in the hope of getting a light sentence, after confessing to conspiring with multiple persons within and outside America to launder the proceeds of the fraudulent scheme perpetrated against persons and businesses in different countries.

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