He explained further that despite all these victimization, he still remain loyal to Governor Ajimobi”, recalling that, ‘I remember in 2002 when I was the Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports under Governor Ajimobi administration, my father was admitted to St Nicholas Hospital at Lagos, I went to the Governor to seek his permission to go to Lagos and see my father, and he gave me go ahead, I went on Thursday and came back on Monday, I met a query on my table that Monday morning asking why I didn’t come to work on Friday’,

‘I replied and said the Governor was the one that gave me go ahead for the journey, and that was how it ended, but I was surprised why will you query me for going to my father who was an instrumental to your success?

Lush Arena

The politician fondly called ‘Omo Olore’ noted that his late father who was the bedrock for Ajimobi success was yet to be immortalise in Oyo State by this current administration led by Governor Abiola Ajimobi

” Despite all these tussle, I still remain committed and loyal to Ajimobi, my wife is the closest person to me, I’ve never tell her what am passing through under this Government since 2011 except in the last two months back because I felt you have to take everything when you are loyal to someone, I don’t have any issue with the Governor for any reason, and if at all, I have forgiven him and forget, but it is just that am only keeping my head that is why am doing all this “

He however emphasized that Oyo State belong to everybody and nobody should hold it to ransome, positioning that the interest of the State should be put first before anything

” Is not as if am desperate to hold power, but I can hold on to something that will assist my people, so far it is something that will bring a positive change to my people, I can let go anything, am not a politician that is driven by ambition, I had never think about 2019, am only thinking about today, am not even thinking about tomorrow because as long as you have done well today, tomorrow will be fair to you, so am not driven by ambition, but rather something that will benefit my people “


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