Verdict 2023: Don’t disparage God

The election of candidates to various public offices in Nigeria on the 25th February and 11th March, 2023 are pre pre-ordained and it will be difficult for anyone to truncate them. By the elections at both the national and state levels, God has spoken through the people about those He has chosen to administer Nigeria in the next dispensation. God is the supreme authority and since He has spoken, it is established and it stands.

Let me reiterate my opinion; in line with the scripture that “promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but God is the judge: He puts down one and set up another”. Those who won their elections in various places and levels, despite the unrelenting efforts and huge investments of their opponents on the exercise, enjoyed the grace of God.

The outcome of the General election in Nigeria generally, is the manifestation of the power, supremacy and perfect will of God. “By Me Kings reign and princes decree justice, by Me, princes rule and nobles, even all the judges of the earth”. God did what pleased Him by inspiring and leading the people of Nigeria to vote for the winners. It is necessary to reiterate the fact that the will of God is perfect. It must be fulfilled and embraced by everyone: whatever is done to the contrary (litigation, mudslinging, avariciousness and other acts which could be distractive and/or destructive, disparages God.

Without mixing words, those among them who were re-elected must have done their best and performed so well comparatively in many aspects. They were re-elected deservedly for their credible performances, to solidify and accentuate the growth and development of Nigeria, in all spheres of human endeavours.

The Almighty God has His plan and He knows how to fix the appropriate persons in positions of authority for His service to humanity. He will engage everyone according to His will and at His own time, therefore it is important for everyone to always wait patiently for his or her time; which will surely come. Let me admonish politicians to allow sanity and peace in the political arena; they need to exhibit mutual understanding, as well as tolerate and accommodate one another. I pray God to grant them the spirit of forbearance and unity of purpose. What the people of Nigeria needs from their leaders is unhindered peace, strength of vision, unanimity of purpose, team spirit and cooperation,  as well as development towards a glorious future, not frivolous litigation, mudslinging, avariciousness and  other distractive and destructive tendencies. “A stich in time saves nine”.

Based on the foregoing, I appeal ardently to the politicians and other Nigerians, particularly those who are judging this year’s General election adversely and/or are opposed to the election or re-election of the God’s chosen around the country, to soft-pedal and refrain from actions which are incongruous to the will of God. They should apply wisdom to these and other contemporary issues, by dropping their gauntlets and embracing peaceful resolution of every disagreement and misunderstanding, to prevent every impediment to the progress and stability of Nigeria now or in the future.

Chief Samson Olu. Oderinde, JP is an  Author, Essayist and Analyst.

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