Invariably from a superb intuition and higher spiritual intimation Prophet T.B. Joshua in a jiffy mounted surveillance CCTV cameras on the building with nobody able to decode what was in the offing besides the Man of Synagogue himself.

Today the world had seen clearly the perfidy and conspiracy of the collapse through the CCTV recordings. Within four seconds, a six storey building came down flat. It had never happened in the whole world.

Jericho Weapons in its website added more egregious dimension to the charade of the synagogue building collapse. It was a case of one Super power country accusing another as the mastermind of the collapse. What did he call TB JOSHUA offence? For having the effrontery to be boldly assisting and curing Ebola victims, a terrible affliction. programmed to pauperise Africa and to continue to keep Africa on her kneel before the Super Power country and its allies.

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This perhaps may have informed the wisdom of TB Joshua in the use of words such as: ,” Spirit of man, Spirit of woman” for those people with the demonic Spirit of gay and lesbianism as euphemism while undergoing spiritual deliverance.

Clearly the case of Synagogue is a battle between the light and darkness. It is also like that of a child with an unfathomable fractured waist. The wisdom of Solomon beyond Legalism may be required because SCOAN is a blessing to the world.

DARE ADEJUMO is a journalist and public analyst.

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