Satguru Maharaj warns Nigerian politicians against inflammatory comments

The founder of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Satguru Maharaj has warned politicians against making inflammatory comments that can send Nigeria into war ahead of 2023 general elections.

Penpushing reports that, Maharaj gave the warning while addressing a press conference at Satguru Maharaj Ji village, International headquarters, 27/29powerline road, Iju area of Lagos State.

The Living Perfect Master noted that the inflammatory comments is making many Nigerians mad and sick, stressing that anyone who fail to desist will definitely face the wrath of God.

‘Politicians should avoid making statements to heat the polity which is sending so many Nigerians mad, sick, ill and are trying all means to run out of the continent’, he emphasised,

Penpushing further reports that, he pointed out that, bad governance by the leadership has forced many young citizens to leave the country, and declared that the ancestors and God are not happy with the worrisome development.

‘So many thousands  have died in the Mediterranean Seas trying to run to Europe and other countries due to our lack of patriotism, nationalism and love for our fellow men and women for diverting billions of money for national development and institutions into private pockets’.

‘Such leaders should be ready to face it because the Ancestors and Gods have asked me to inform you that they are not happy with your negative thoughts. So, you are warned’.

Penpushing also reports that, Maharaji declared that the next President of Nigeria should be a southerner and it should be among the All Progressives Congress( APC)

The Living Perfect Master cautioned that the person must be a member who has helped to save the country from collapse, stressing that they need to be cleared of their assets in Nigeria and abroad.

Penpushing reports that, he said there should be a judicial commission of enquiry on all the landlords of houses and companies in the federal capital territory, Abuja in order to curb and control the movement of resources diverted for private pockets which is making some of them not to care about the progress and coexistence of the people.

The founder of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth said all members of the National Assembly should be asked to give comprehensive details of how much they received from the Government for Constituency Projects.

Penpushing further reports that, he said  they should  showing the projects they embarked on in all the places, time started and ended since year 2000, stressing that, otherwise they are disqualified to be Governors and Presidents in future.

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