Penpushing further report that the Senate Deputy Majority Leader, Ibn Na’ Allah pleaded with the lawmakers to exercise caution in making the next move and proposed that the issue be referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Legal Matters to advise on the best approach.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in his contributions said the U.S Congress had briefed him and some other senators about the purchase when they visited last year, noting that the Executive had enough time to communicate to seek approval before spending the funds.

“So definitely we were aware that time of this issue. Between September and February, with all due respect, there was ample time for the Executive to have carried us along on this issue. So arguments for and against, I think these arguments are valid and I don’t want us to bring it down to partisanship issues’.

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‘These are not partisan issues. The suggestion of the leader that let us send it to judiciary to advise if the Constitution has been breached, the circumstances surrounding the breach of the Constitution and the justification. What do we do going forward in trying to even appropriate because the funds have already been spent, do we go under what the leader has come under or we start the whole process of appropriating?

“I don’t think this exercise is worth it because we endorsed it to the U.S Congress. It was after we agreed in September that the U.S government now went back to give approval to the Executive to pay to their own government so they can go ahead and sell this equipment to Nigeria. If we all agree, I will put it to vote and refer the matter to the judiciary and give them a short period of time, that by Wednesday next week, they submit it”, Saraki stated

Meanwhile,the committee was mandated to revert on Wednesday May, 2nd.

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