Penpushing Media decries National Broadcasting Commission revised code

Nigerians under the platform of Penpushing Media on Sunday called for rejection of revised National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) code as announced by the country Information Minister,Lai Mohammed.

Penpushing reports that, the  rejection was contained in a communiqué following a roundtable discussion on the theme; ’New NBC Code fines: Implications for the Media’ which carefully deliberated on the new National Broadcasting Commission’s Code recently revised to criminalise fake news and  ‘hate speech’ as well stipulate fines for alleged offenders.

The discussion which comprises participants from all fields including Journalists and political players noted that the code has continued to generate comments particularly against the process of the review and content including the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) board which feels that the code review should limit itself fundamentally to constitutionally entrenched free speech.

Penpushing further reports that, the Minister recently unveiling the controversial revised code announced a presidential directive; slamming a N5 million benchmark fine on any broadcast that insults president, governors, senators, as punishment for ‘hate speech’.

The roundtable discussants held that the regulatory agency went beyond its Act by bringing up crimes not known to the constitution mainly to  target media, rather than introducing rules that  improve the welfare of the citizenry using the platform of broadcasting,  a the primary purpose of Governance.

Penpushing also reports that, it is recalled that this review including the fines which lacked the input of stakeholders should be rejected in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the economic and constitutional implications on the citizens.

The communiqué backed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) board in asking the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed to re-direct his attention to best practices regarding any issues in the NBC instead of politically hijacking the commission.

Penpushing reports that,the communiqué recalled that the 9th National Assembly introduced the anti-social media bill  to criminalize the use of social media in peddling alleged false or malicious information and this was rejected by Nigerians.

The discussants further noted that, the senate introduced another bill aimed at punishing hate speech with death sentence, which became a still birth, and posited on number of positions to put things in order.

*That the said revised NBC code as announced by the Information Minister be rejected by all well meaning Nigerians as it contravened the 1999 constitution as amended and the inclusive stake holder consultations as in previous reviews.

*That this code which is meant to be regulatory should not be used to usurp the powers of parliament to make laws that will foster sustainable development protects fundamental rights.

*That the Information Minister should not subsume the office of the Director General of NBC in the attempt to achieve a political  agenda to kill the media and entrench emerging “hate governance ” but rather should work for greater freedom of information needed to deepen democracy and drive growth.

*That the fine of N5m against a radio station is overkill and a deliberate attempt to kneel on the neck of the media to do the bidding of the ruling government.

*That there is need for more restraint on the part of the media and canvass the public disclaimer of views of their guests at the end of any programme as ethically expected.

Penpushing further reports that, the participants ended the discussion to warn that keeping the current controversial National Broadcasting Commission(NBC) revised code will be the hubris of this administration.





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