Penpushing expands reach to advance TRUTH in News reporting

past there had been the era of ‘Yellow journalism” or “Junk journalism” which has now become full blown era of the age long phenomenon of Fake News. Fake News has been described as a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread through traditional print and broadcast news media or online social platforms’.

However, in this era of fake news where writers create stories laced with false claims from unverified sources,with sensational headlines to attract attention, discredit or hold the “other side” by the jugular, comes Penpushing, a medium which cherishes the TRUTH. At Penpushing, we have resolved to at all times err on the side of Truth in our desire to break news.
We shall not dress lies in the beautiful garment of truth. We shall avoid the dark side of social media, uphold values and project the truth always to promote global peace ,respect for human rights, good governance and elimination of poverty. Its a pact we are signing and swear to uphold.‎

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