The hogwash that has been emanating from OSRC in terms of content delivery on political issues that is largely in favour of the opposition party and against the ruling party, besides being nauseatingly cacophonous to the mental faculties, it’s a reconfirmation that the man at the helm of affairs of OSRC is

either involved in anti-party scheming or unprofessional enough in providing ethical standards required of such an establishment.

The mindless, unconcerned reporting of the political developments in the ruling party in the state- APC against the legitimate rights of the people to know what’s going on in the party they overwhelmingly voted for over a year ago, is viewed against a backdrop of vested interests by the station political head and the influence of godfather(s) likely using him to sabotage the party. One could not but wonder if the station has a selfish interest (perhaps an ulterior motive) in the stories that it’s supposed to impartially report.

Lush Arena

When one considers the high-stakes poker game that has come to characterize the interactions between the staffers and the station management, the determination of some individual to do anything (including maligning) to be appointed to more than one government positions at once in his unyielding gluttonous feast of puff-puff and not on quality and efficient service delivery; the work of the professional journalist’s in such station and responsibilities become even more ominous than previously apparent. But when they become willing participants (which I doubt) in this charade of one sided media reporting of political events, and succumb, either to their leadership jingoism or parochial limitations in their reporting and analysis of political events in the state against the ruling party, they relinquish their responsibilities as watchdog of our democracy and commence a despicable descent to the level of pawns in the vicious game of control between leaders and the led.

It is obvious from listening to some so-called scoops and analysis of political events on the station, Machiavellian maneuverings on the state political landscape, while the trite efforts at journalistic sophistry, the station leadership is blatantly promoting its personal aggrandizement, championing one friend over the other and one interest beyond others.

I draw no other conclusion than the fact that most of these stories and interviews conducted by OSRC indicate that its leadership has compromised and that its decisions to carry biased political stories, rest, not on any notion of societal responsibility to set the truth free, but rather a deep-seated self-preservation and the instinct to support its promoters.

My advice for the braggadocio head who is so overwhelmingly self-confident and a pompous ass who pretends to know everything and his insistence that every content has to go through him before being aired, making professional staffers of the station look like rookies on the job, should see these as weaknesses to be dealt with as no one is an island of knowledge.

Steve Otaloro is the Director,Media and Publicity, All Progressives Congress(APC), Ondo State


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