Non-governmental organization calls for new curriculum in Nigeria’s educational sector

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Scholarship Aid Initiative has called on the Nigerian Government on need to introduce a new curriculum in the educational sector, which would be beneficial to the students and the society at large.

Penpushing reports that, the call was made by Africa Regional President of the organization, Dr. Adebayo Oluwatosin, at a press conference held in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital, stressing that anything short of this, the government should declare state of emergency in the education sector.

The organization boss observed that, the current curriculums being used at the tertiary, secondary and primary levels have become obsolete and non-beneficial to the students, stressing that this was why many youths are now attracted to internet fraud, money making rituals, kidnapping among others.

Penpushing further reports that, Adebayo expressed concern and displeasure about the bad image of Nigerian youths, which has turned the country to a laughing stock across the globe, but added that the body  has provided  a more productive ways to motivate and encourage them for the better/

The President emphasized need to encourage Nigerian youths to show more commitment towards their education, disclosing that, the group has packaged together an annual educational reality TV show, tagged “The Rising Genius” aimed to  give hope to the youths for a better tomorrow.

Penpushing also reports that, Adebayo expressed optimism that with the scholarship initiative, it will change the youths mindset from criminal ways of attaining success to making wealth in their efforts towards becoming real leaders of tomorrow.

The organization leader  condemned the ongoing reality show which he pointed out  has eroded the cultural and value system, explained that  the proposed Education TV reality show being plan by his organization, would make Nigerian youths see a better reality in education and become successful role model, achiever, and valuable persons in the society.

Penpushing reports that, Adebayo boasted that since the establishment of the orgainsation in 2007, it had offered scholarship to over 30,000 Nigerian youths, as well as job opportunities for them.

The Africa Regional President of the organization assured that the proposed Education reality TV show, “The Rising Genius” would soon hit the airwaves, adding, “we realized that, the youths no longer see education as a road to success rather they have see criminal acts as the only way to become successful in the society’.

‘That is why they involve in internet scam popularly called Yahoo Yahoo, money rituals, kidnapping and many more. Therefore, in order to prove this wrong and redeem the image of our lovely country which all the menaces have dented,  some organizations have come with an idea to motivate the youth, encourage them and show them that through education, you can become a successful person and even more’.

“Our society today doesn’t promote education or encourage students who are diligent in their studies, that is why a first class student or even the best graduating student of a university will be given N10, 000 as prize or only handshake while some participants of a reality show programme that does not add any informative or educative or moral value is being awarded millions of naira with other benefits’.

“My advice to the government is to scrap our current education curriculum in Nigeria. It is no longer in vogue. The curriculum is vague, archaic and obsolete. We need to bring the current trends into the education system in Nigeria.

“Just as we know, education sector is critical to any nation, therefore, a state of emergency should be declared in the education sector in Nigeria. That is why we are planning to set an annual programme; a television reality show in Nigeria which shall be called “The Rising Genuis”. Nigerian Education Reality show.

“The aim and objectives of programme is to give hope to the youths for a better tomorrow. To motivate the youths in order for them to make education a priority, to change the perspective of the youths from criminal ways of attaining success and making wealth among others.”


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