The Coordinator emphasized  that there is no going back on the project, noting that Yoruba people will not allow foreigners to come and killed their people unnecessary, and also stressed that Yorubas are tired of blood shed declaring that the country belong to all, irrespective of the regions

 “No amount of police can stop us because people want to secure their lives and they don’t owe anybody apology in doing this.We are here in our land and has the sense of belonging to accommodate everybody who come to Southwest for trade and commerce, but we would not allow anybody to come here raping our wives, killing our farmers and destroying our farm land.”

“On behalf of the Yoruba leader, Prof. Banjo Akintoye, and the Yoruba in general, we appreciate all the Southwest Governors, they should know that they are not alone in the struggle so there should be no retreat in their commitment towards the security idea.We are telling the Governors that they were not alone, security is an environmental issue, so there is a need for us to secure our environment’.

Penpushing further reports that the coordinator pointed out that there is creation of State and local police in other developed countries of the world, adding that restructuring in Nigeria is a must.

Meanwhile, one of the security men at the rally ground said their presence o was to provide security for the protesters and to make sure that there is sanity and to maintain peace and order, adding, “we don’t want hoodlums to hijack the protest.”

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