Nigerians in diaspora demand political appointments from incoming administration

Nigerians in Diaspora under the banner of a mentoring and leadership civil organisation, Nationals In Diaspora Mentoring Corps (NIDMECORP) has called on President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to consider some of their members in the political appointments

Penpushing reports that the call was contained in a press statement by the President, Mentoring Commandant Alistair Soyode, adding that they contributed major roles in the 2023 election in the country, stressing that with more than $20 billion remittances yearly, they are not just an economic powerhouse but contributors to the well-being of the citizens

‘Nigerians in the diaspora played major roles in the 2023 election in the country, a first among many and significantly stood for justice, fairness and equity.  With more than $20 billion remittances yearly, they are not just an economic powerhouse but contributors to the well-being of the citizens’, the statement reads.

‘Sub Africans in the Diaspora remitted more than $96 billion previous years. And the two biggest African destinations were Egypt and Nigeria. A large proportion of pre-Japa Nigerians made this remittance a strong attribute and are well placed to transfer even money back to family members to cover long and short-term projects, health, education and other bills.’. the group stated

‘It with this recognised major roles by them that a foremost mentoring and leadership civil organisation, the Nationals In Diaspora Mentoring Corps (NIDMECORP), has called on all newly elected executives and most especially the President, to give the Diasporans appointments in each of the ministries, departments, agencies and parastatals from Local Government level, State Government up to the Federal government at least one position of major significance, capacity and duty after resuming offices’.

Penpushing further reports that the statement declared that the civil organisation group faulted the marginalisation of Diasporans from key positions, boards and constituted authorities as one of the reasons for the country’s slow path to development and growth.

‘The Nigerian diaspora is one of the largest African immigrant populations in the world, with an estimated figure of more than fourteen million. The advent of colonialism, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and of recent economic and social reasons caused significant population displacement in the region with higher numbers found in the United Kingdom and United States of America’.

‘As Nigerians both home and in the diaspora look forward to the various governments coming into offices and in some instances new administrations, invites and calls on them to see this as a policy direction that will strengthen the country using the best of her citizens outside the country’.

‘We are very excited that the Diaspora community has one of the best brains not just for the benefits of Nigeria but of their host nations, adopted or country of birth whilst still having a major affiliation to Nigeria’s development and growth, economically, professionally and otherwise’.

‘The yearly remittance contributions to families, and projects or supporting/sponsoring programmes created the Nigeria we have today. Having them in policies and government programmes will help boost knowledge, skills and increase the GDP as well as local resources for the affected areas’.

“Examples of Nigerians doing well can be seen at the recently acclaimed successful Coronation of King Charles, where the Security arrangements and schedules was led by DC Ade Adelekan among others’, the group noted.

‘The Diaspora Nigerians have shown total commitment to Nigeria’s development which also brings to the table the yearly Diaspora Day event (in July) where Nigerians from all-over the world come home to discuss, deliberate and find ways to empower millions’.

‘The government at all levels must be more proactive to utilise such events to secure the willing partners into all boards, ministries and parastatals. It is by showing the political will that others will be partners, freely and joyfully extending the hands of business and professional skills. Etc’.

“President Buhari approved and put in place the Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) and prayed the incoming government will provide the needed structures, resources and policies for its full implementation and execution’.

“This commission can deliver more with the needed resources and it is Nigeria as a nation that will gain from her services, international reach and global partners of our Nigerians in the Diaspora – which shows the principles of participatory democracy as experienced outside the country’.

‘It is a positive leadership and political inclusion to have each ministry, agency, commission and parastatal with at least one Nigerian in Diaspora on and in the board. We appreciate such gestures and policies’.

‘The new dawn of hope, change, and political leadership showing a stronger path on inclusiveness of Diaspora Nigerians will be a departure away from lack of future planning and fear of diaspora leadership into a new era of global Nigeria dominance with the skills and experiences of our diaspora into making Nigeria the choice destination of economic growth, political willingness to change history into a bright future for all’.

“In general, and for best practices, NIDMECORP calls for at least three senior ministerial appointments which is less than 10 percent of the ministerial list yet contributing more than 100 percent of the whole country’s budget through remittances and other services to the Diaspora Nigerians’.

‘We urge Local government chairmen, state’s governors and the incoming President to extend these appointments to the diaspora without delay. The whole nation has about 1500 commissioners and ministers not taking into account the other MDAs while there are more than fifteen million diasporans and surely they will contribute immensely to speed the developments on all aspects of the nation’.

‘NIDMECORP on behalf of Nigerians in Diaspora positively demands justice, fairness and equitable representation for the benefits of Nigeria’s fast development. We reiterated and called for this inclusiveness and full invitations to the best of our brains to come home on a three, six, or nine months to one-year, sabbatical working leave etc for Nigeria. Few of our best are now positioned in globally recognised institutions, companies and organisations’.

‘Nigeria can always lead the way for others to emulate on the African continent.  NIDMECORP is a special initiative where those in the Diaspora mentors and provides entreprenurial skills to those on the African continent’.

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