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Group encourages Nigerians to resist Buhari-led government’s anti-people’s policies

Segun Showunmi in Ibadan

The Joint Action Front (JAF) has called on Nigerians to resist what its described as anti-people’s policies of the Nigerian Government led by President Buhari, saying that the current administration is full of deceit and propaganda

Penpushing reports that the group coordinator, Comrade Ademola Aremu while speaking on Wednesday in Ibadan during a press conference to expressed displeasure and dissatisfaction over the recent hikes in pump price of petrol, electricity tariff, Value Added Tast (VAT) as well as other anti people policies of the  Buhari led government noted that it is time for Nigerians to fight back

The group  noted that it require the general public to be sensitized on the reason to organize a fight back, demands to be advanced in the course of it and roles to be played by individuals to build mass support for the demand towards putting a stop to the bad policies of the federal government

“We condemned the recent hike in the pump price of petrol, electricity tariff, VAT as well as anti-people policies of the Buhari-led government and called on Nigerian to resist the attempt until the total reversal is forced’.

The coordinator pointed out that, the body  has been in existence since early 2000 in a principled partnership under a platform known as  Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO) with the  Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), and Trade Union Congress, (TUC) which are the two existing union centers in the country

“As a coalition of pro-labour organization, we are known to always stand in defend of the economic and democratic right of Nigerians, we are doing this towards the actualization of its goal which is system change either by independent struggled or supporting struggled’

Penpushing further reports that the body stated some reasons why Nigerians must organized a fight back to defeat the attempt by the federal government so as to prevent worsen living conditions.

The group said this include prevention of Buhari’s-led government from taking Nigerians for a ride, robbing the poor to satisfy the greed of the few members of the ruling class, to forestall further descent of the society into barbarism, and demands for an effective fight back among others

“We therefore demand for a total reversal of the hike in the price if petrol, electricity and VAT at least to the pre 2016 price which was N87, repair of all the old public refineries and construction of building new ones under a democratic control and management of Nigerians, putting an end to various neoliberal policies like deregulation, privatization while the oil and power sectors must be re-nationalized understand a democratic control of Nigerians’

Penpushing also reports that the body posited that leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress(TUC) must declared an immediate nationwide strike and street protest to resist the hikes and demand a total reversal as well as an end to policies, neoliberial and putting an end to capitalism system in favor of a socialist system

The group, however called on all Nigerians to agreed with their positions and demands enunciated above to joined and helped to build Jont Action Front (JAF) and spread its idea towards the collective liberation of the people


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