Gabon Coup: A Threat to Sustainability of Democratic Tendencies in Africa

By Oluwadara Akingbohungbe

Over the years whenever Military coup occurs in any Nation, there is negligence of Democratic Tendencies.

In this case the military takes over absolute power within the Nation ousted, however one of the defense of the military incursion into Politics most especially over the years is due to corrupt practices of African Democratic Leaders, before considering the latest Gabon coup d’etat on Wednesday 30, 2023 let’s take a look at some implications of military incursion into politics in Africa.

Retired General Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda took over the Nigeria Government through a successful military coup d’etat in the year 1985 – 1993 , Most of the achievement we derived as a Nation was established by his Military Government, some units of the Nigeria State was established by his Military Government as Nigeria Military President.

Gabon coup d’etat was orchestrated due to the negligence of Gabon Democratic Government, the outed Gabon President Ali bongo  was said to have been in power since the death of the former president in 2009 which happens to be his father, the Bongo’s family was alleged to have been ruling for 53 years in Gabon Presidential office.

Gabon a Central Africa Country which produces and export crude oil to other countries of the World hence being a member of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) immediately the military took over last Wednesday August 30, 2023 the price of crude oil was seen on the market in a high rate because the military government of Gabon closes the borders leading to the country.

One of the defense of the military incursion in Gabon politics as stated by the military was due to irregularities of the Saturday August 26, 2023 General Election in Gabon, in which according to the Electoral body of Gabon Ali Bongo Won the  two third majority of the vote.

However, the ousted President was placed under house arrest by the military. The Military Government of Gabon announced Brice Oligiu as the new Military President. However there has been several demonstrations of protesters in support of the military president in France Colonised Country, Gabon.

As long as African Leaders allows institutional coup under the auspice of democracy with the negligence of liberal Democracy, military incursion into politics will continue to spread sporadically in African Countries if there is not cautious action for greater productivity of Democratic tendencies.

There is a video circulating in the internet of several Gabon Currencies which was found in Gabon former democratic members apartment in bundles. Africa is bless with natural resources but the leadership of Africa is manage by corrupt democratic leaders, that made the military leaders in Africa to have justice for their incursion or interference of Africa Politics.

Currently the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is still Battling with Niger Coup. I ask, is military Government a blessing or a curse?  those who have witness it will testify to it, but one of the demerit of Military Government is the suspension of constitution and  lack of freedom of expression, as a matter of fact, some of the demerits of Military Government is witness under democratic government in Africa. Should we agree on the military takeover of all Nations in Africa for proper restoration of the glory of Africa.

Africa Nations are stricken with poverty, indebtedness, citizens are dying of Malnutrition, terrorist are invading our land. There is a saying that goes thus: “The worst democracy is better than the best military “Government” I will ask is a democratic government in which the lives of the masses are not being treasured not worse than a military Government in which the basic needs of the people are met.

Several international bodies like African Union (AU), United Nations Organization (UNO) has condemned the Military actions in Gabon advising them of the upliftment of Democratic rule in the Nation. The issue is that, it is not as if the people of Gabon are interested in the military but they don’t just want the Bongo’s family Dynasty in Gabon again.

They need a new face that is why the people of Gabon stage a demonstration in support and embrace of military rule in their country. What will be the outcome of the military actions in Gabon? There is an imposition of curfew from 6:00PM – 6:00AM by the military Government of Gabon to the people.

To me base on the allegations leveled against the outed President of Gabon, Ali Bongo the military should organise a transitional committee to set up a democratic election in which the outed President will be disqualified and tried in the Court of law and if find guilty of the allegations,  he should face the wrath of the law.

Then the military should peacefully handover power to a democratically elected President, since military rule is no longer accepted in this era.  As a matter of fact if it’s military rule that will take Africa to our Eldorado then I think you should be thinking what I’m thinking.

Oluwadara Temidayo Akingbohungbe is an Author, Leadership And Government Consultant and writes from Ogun State, Nigeria. Can be reached on Email Address: [email protected]

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