Extradition saga: Igboho to know fate on Monday

The legal team of Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo popularly called Igboho who is being held in Benin Republic after his arrest at the country airport enroute Germany will on Monday know his fate whether he would be extradite to Nigeria or not.

Penpushing reports that Igboho’s lawyer, Ibrahim David Salami made this known during an interview, adding that the court will rule on whether he, indeed, committed an offence allegedly have against him by Nigerian government to warrant his extradition.

The lawyer affirmed that, Nigerian government had written a letter to the Beninese government listing three offences against him(Igboho), namely illegal arms trafficking/stockpiling, public incitement and secession.

Penpushing further reports that, Salami a Beninese Yoruba and law lecturer vowed that everything would be done to ensure that Igboho is not extradited to Nigeria, and equally denied that a Beninese passport was found in his possession.

The lawyer, however, confirmed that Igboho had a Nigerian passport bearing his name and a German residence permit which makes obtaining that country’s visa unnecessary, adding that he was  arrested at the point of documentation at the airport after his  luggage had been checked in

“He was arrested at the point of documentation at the airport after his  (Igboho’s) luggage had been checked in. The Nigerian government had notified Benin to help them arrest him in the event that they found him. The security people found that the name in his passport tallied with the name in their black book, and they asked him to step aside”, he added

Penpushing also reports, Salami who was sounding optimistic about the fate of Igboho  said the legal team of five in Benin has been receiving immense moral support from the Yoruba across the world since the case commenced.

The lawyer, however, pleaded that those thronging the court at each hearing should keep off and allow the lawyers do their job, pointing out that unruly behavior on their part would not be in the best interest of Igboho as it will lend credence to the allegation of incitement leveled against him.

Penpushing reports that, Salami denied speculations that Igboho was beaten or tortured, but confirmed that he remains handcuffed in detention,stressing that allowing to be extradited to Nigeria is like going on suicidal mission’,Salami said

“It is better for him to die here in Benin than extradited to Nigeria. With all that happened in his house and how the army is threatening him, allowing for his extradition will amount to sending him home to death.

“Rather than do that, it would be better to keep him in Benin and kill him than to let him go to Nigeria to be slaughtered like an animal. That has been our struggle and agitation here in Benin”,the lawyer emphasised

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