Council poll: Ipara community alleges imposition of chairmanship candidate for Remo North Local Government in Ogun state

A pressure group under the aegis of Frontliners has alleged some political gladiators in Remo North Local Government area of Ogun State of sidelining the Ipara community from relevance in political activities in the council.

Penpushing reports that, the group embarked on a protest arguing that, it is the turn of the community to produce chairman for the council, having being denied the opportunity over some decades.

The aggrieved residents led by the group convener, Comrade Akinyemi Omotola argued that since the creation of the local government the chairmanship position has been rotated between Isara Remo and Ode Remo at the detriment of Ipara community.

‘In the history of times that towns have presented the executive chairmen, only two of the towns made the list. By the compendium from 1979 till date, it has only been Isara Remo and Ode Remo. Isara had produced the executive chairman for 8 terms while Ode Remo had four. They are of the political zones 1 and 2 respectively while only zone 3 is wanting on the list’

Penpushing further reports that, the protesters pointed out that.Remo North Local Government Area was once known as Idarapo Local Government, a conglomerate of towns and villages which means “a union” or “unity” and connotes how unified all the communities within its boundaries are.

‘The location of the secretariat as at then was at Saapade, an estate  jointly owned by Ipara, Isara, Ode, Ilara,  Akaka and Orile-Oko even though some of the towns do not have land around that jurisdiction, but they had a mutual understanding to operate it in unison’.

Penpushing also reports that, Omotola said the love went on as purported by their forefathers, until politics now changed the situation, lamenting that they have now been hiding under political gains while dealing with themselves.

‘With this, love is being killed and hatred is watered and surviving from among the political class and spreading into the conglomerate communities. For the past love to return, we must mitigate the pains associated with the present-day politics within the local government. In Remo North, a larger number of the towns in the local area have been denied the opportunity to occupy the executive chairmanship seat’.

The protesters explained that, in the Remo North political structure, there are 3 zones and their respective constituents are these :zone 1; Isara Remo and Akaka Remo, Zone 2; Ode Remo and Ilara Remo, and zone 3; Ipara Remo, and Orile Oko, stating that, only two of the zones and two of the towns have produced  the executive chairman.

‘By the records and in this order, the following persons and their towns were chairmen of the local council; Chief Kola Ogunjobi (Ode Remo), Hon. Onabowu (Isara Remo), Hon. Fatai Sowemimo served twice (Isara Remo), Hon. Pekun Awobona served twice (Isara Remo), Hon. John Obafemi served twice (Isara Remo), Otunba Tola Efuwape (Ode Remo), Chief Femi Shoyemi (Ode Remo), Hon. Tayo Oluwole Sowole (Isara Remo) served as chairman at the local government while Hon. Samuel Segun Idown was the Remo North East LCDA chairman for the same period’.

‘If you look into the compendium, you will see the premise for the recent agitation  from members of Ipara Frontliners – that Isara does not have the justification to present a candidate against the candidate from Ipara on the platform of the APC’.

‘The people of Ipara intend to send the signal out here that we deliberate field one candidate and through one political party to brighten our chances. And fortunately Ipara candidate stands taller than others’.

‘We are not ignorant that our political office records cannot help us attain this, we have the least party-cum-office holders at that level. Even the number of wards is not strength. Every factor that will make for brighter chances is not to our favour, and this is so because we found ourselves in a “selfish” local government area’.

‘The so called political gladiators of those corners will say, “Ipara lo kan, awon ni awon ma se”. This may be for several reasons that is not far from being selfish and self-centered. How can one community among six enslave the others in politics and believe it is the way of life live?’

‘This might have been the order in the past; we are raising our voices this time against it. And until this injustice is brought behind us, we would keep fighting for our right. In solidarity!’, they emphasised

‘You will remember that the governor had earlier asked that three aspirants should  be presented from each LGA of the state, and three persons were presented from Remo North; where Alhaji Bashiru Olamilekan Yinnus was enlisted from Ipara Remo among other two’.

‘Ahead of the above development, some party leaders went ahead and formed an electoral college; members majorly  of whom are from Isara because they mostly get political offices and appointments, conducted an election and declared Dapo Odunsi as winner.’

‘The governor kicked against the act, which was not only peculiar to Remo North but was bluntly against the instruction of the governor; as read in the media thereafter that this instruction was not to have primary election but to present three best aspirants from among whom he would pick the candidate’.

‘By all justification, the aspirant from Ipara Remo remains the best candidate for the office in terms of experience; past vice chairman of the LGA, and most academically qualified. But the party leaders from Isara and Ode have been frustrating the efforts’.

‘For these reasons and for fairness, Ipara Frontliners have been leading the agitations and appeal to ensure that our governor is well informed of this compendium and also that all political offices; including membership of House of Assembly and appointments are populated by Isara currently’.

‘This will simply mean political marginalization to Ipara if L/G chairmanship seat is also occupied by Isara Remo. May it be known and for record that the present member of House of Assembly, Hon. Solomon Oluwaseyi Osho supports the candidacy of Ipara being a man that believes in equity and justice. In the same way, other Obas of communities in the LGA throw weights behind Ipara for this candidacy’.

Penpushing reports that, the agitators called on decision makers in the state which include the Governor and leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), to consider yearning of the populace in the local government and do away with imposition

‘Ipara Frontliners as a voice of the people of Ipara Remo wish to appeal to all decision makers; the state APC leadership and our governor to consider the yearnings of the general public of Remo North LGA, and not the pressure of imposition’.

‘The opinion checks all over the local government communities established that Ipara candidate is widely accepted and preferred. This will be another measure to reintroduce love and unity that politics has been trying to nip in the bud’.

‘Meanwhile, everyone instrumental to this restoration will not be forgotten in the history of political development of our local government. We also appreciate everyone who has been part of the supports we enjoyed till now and so believe that your efforts shall be fruitful. We acknowledge the good intention of the governor to do the right thing in the face of pressure from impostors from our local government and their agents’.

Penpushing also reports that, the protesters pointed out that, as the council election is fast approaching the authorities should address their grievances before it get too late in the interest of the entire local government.

‘The election date is fast approaching and it is necessary to charge our supporters ahead of the day. We are convinced that the governor of Ogun  State will attack this problem with unfailing assiduity’.

‘Those people who could not see beyond their noses are complaining that the governor  is slow but they forgot that slow and steady wins the race. Continue to forge ahead, our amiable  governor.  We are solidly behind your second term and success will be yours Dei Gratia’ Omotola said

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