‘ To the best of my understanding, the judiciary is not subservient to the Executive and so, as they painstakingly discharge their constitutional duties, no excuse should be good enough for the non-compliance with the pronouncements of the Courts. Across the country, you hear state governments announcing increase in their internally generated revenue but does it reflect in the lives of the people, the answer is No”.

The FIBAN boss while, justifying the reason emphasis should be placed on individuals during the next election, said, “if you look at the statistics from 1999 till date, you will realise that there are pockets of individuals across the party lines that gave a good account of themselves. That tells you that it isn’t about party but the person at the driver seat. So, as we approach the next election, we want Nigerians to assess all aspirants on the bases of their track records, competence, and their closeness to the people because you need to be familiar with the people before you can understand their needs and possibly how to fix them’.

‘ Enough of parties fostering their choices on us because most of the time, their choices are not driven by competence but on the highest bidder, loyalty to the powers that be, among other pecuniary motives. So, when we identify the person that can truly represent us, even if the person belongs to the least popular party, we should vote for them”.

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On whether President Muhammadu Buhari should seek a re-election, Nwachukwu opined that “If Muhammadu Buhari had become our President at a younger age; there are indications that he would have done a few things differently.

‘His wife, an insider told the world that her husband was not in control of the government and up till now, I do not think that much have changed. It is his constitutional rights to seek re-election but the incontrovertible fact is that to run a complex country like Nigeria, age which unfortunately is not on his side, has a great role to play”.

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