Hear him further, ‘I chose to be proactive and be a part of rebuilding the Nation and transforming lives. Nigeria is imprisoned with corruption. We need our freedom .The late Nelson Mandela said, freedom is an ideal am willing to live for but if needs be freedom is an ideal I am prepared to die for. That’s why I chose to take action’.

The Ila Orangun, Osun State born cleric turned politician, said his conscience would not allow him to sit on the side-lines and watch the nation being ruined by self-serving men, stressing that his coming on board as next President of the country is a new era for Nigeria.

The clergyman is also a lecturer and counselor who  has spent over 20 years developing his skills in management, gaining a remarkable and impressive reputation in churches for being one of the dependable, reliable preacher and skilled music director whose time is well organized and managed.

He is a self-taught multi-skills (Actor, Director, Singer, Writer, Composer, Choreographer, Creative Graphic Designer and Interior Decorator),while  other prominent areas of his discipline and functions are; Administrative and Management, Business/Corporate Management and Proposal writing, Business Development, Marketing, Advertisement, Project management and Human Resource

Ayodele is an Apostle by ministerial ordination with a licence under the American Fellowship Church, USA and Neighbohood Church of God, Nigeria respectively. He was appointed in April 2017 as an Ambassador to International Security Device Company in Nigeria “ProveAm Nig”.

The Presidential hopeful who disclosed that towards this political ambition he has set up a movement called NEWDAWN 2019, is the resident Pastor at Balm In Zion Ministries Int’l, Ibadan. Nigeria and presently a lecturer in the faculty of Art and Social-Science in Patriot Bible University CO USA, Nigeria Extension Ibadan Nigeria

He is also a co-founder of Talent Hunts and Musical Concert (THMC), Drums On Street (DOS) and currently undergoing his Academic Christian Educational career in PhD level with a research topic: Psychological Trauma of rape on adolescent female victims between 12-19 years in Secondary Schools; South-West Lagos State, Nigeria, using Biblical approaches as remedy.

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