The essence of life

By Oluwadara Akingbohungbe

Life is a gift by the author and finisher of life, the major reason why you call the current dimension of your life as present is as a result of it being a gift by God. For you to go far in life you must acknowledge the master programmer of the universe, for all things were made through him and for him.

Are you looking for a conducive life here on earth, the first thing you have to do is to know that you are here on earth for a purpose (task) that only you can fulfill, there is no other time to be on earth than now. This is the best time for you to be present on earth.

You need to look inward, ask yourself germane questions about your abilities and inabilities, what you discover about yourself will go a long way about your recovery of destiny. Your destination is glorification, but for you to experience glory in life you must be found to be successful in your choosen field of human endeavor, no man is useless or lazy. The major reason why most people feel reluctant to work is as a result of them not doing a task that align with their nature, strength or shape.

There is a way we all are wired in our system, each and every one of us creatd by God posses a unique ability. You will agree with me that when you are working and walking that is operating in your uniqueness you will experience success in life.

Life is really a nice place to be if only we can abide by the dictate of God which is love. Without love we can’t experience peace, unity and upliftment.  The major reason we experience all manner of cruelty is as a result of man’s inhumanity to man which is hatred, lack of love. When we live in love we experience comfort and peace.

The essence of life is to love God, know and follow his ways which lead to Everlasting peace without neglecting to express the love of God to our neighbors. In all we do as a nation we need to realize that there will be a time we will all present ourselves before God and make an account of our actions.

Every man on earth is accountable unto God. Life is precious, you don’t need to trample upon your neighbor to triumph in life, all you need to do is to depend upon God who is your maker.

The economic downturn in your country does not warrant you to live a low life, all you need to do is to depend upon God by being steadfast in your assignment on earth. Each one of us has something to do on earth, at the aftermath of our life on earth it is not the amount of wealth we amass for ourselves that count but they are useful in fulfilling our destiny and living a good life, what matter most is the realization of our God given potentials and the utilization of it to promote the course of God and the advancement of humanity.

God will not ask you about the wealth you amass for yourself rather he will ask you what you did with the wealth he gave you. All you need to do is to know God’s master plan for your life and ensuring you follow the part.

The essence of life is to live peacefully with God and man, man by nature is made to relate, the concept of neighborhood is that man was not made to live in isolation but to live in relation that is by relating to fellow man, when I mean man, I am not referring to the male gender alone but also the female gender.

For us to experience fulfillment in life we must first find and know what life entails. For every human being God created, there is a work for us, all we need to do is to locate the work and do it, when you are doing your God given work, you will experience God’s provision.

That is why you must locate God’s vision for your life. In every vision there is always a provision. It is in the pursuit of your vision that you experience the provision for the accomplishment of your mission. Vision, is you seeing and knowing your life mission (task, assignment, mandate) as given to you by God. It can come in different ways all you need to do is to pray to God to reveal it to you.

There is always an allocation in your God given location. The kind of men you relate with, will determine the realization of your vision. Who accompany you will determine your accomplishment in life. No matter the scarcity in the land, there will always be resources to produce your needs.

Oluwadara Akingbohungbe

Author, Motivational Speaker, Leadership and Government Consultant write from Lagos, Nigeria.

Email Address: [email protected]

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