“So we went to those places to sealed them from having access to their premises and it’s going to be a continuous exercise, all through the week and even next week”,Alli declared, adding that what they are guilty of was the payment of the environmental development levy which some of them owe about two years.

“We wrote to them and gave them notices to pay, they refused to pay. It was as a result of their failure to pay that we now embarked on the needful, but it’s so sad that not until we have to take this step against the firms that they are now actually coming out to pay” 

He reiterated further that Oyo State Government is not interested in disrupting the business of these corporate organizations, stating that the business of Government is to create an enabling environment for business to thrive which the State Government has done tremendously well in the last few years and ‘that’s why you see businesses springing up on daily basis in Oyo State’

The Chairman also noted that the State Government cannot disrupt their businesses unless where it is absolutely necessary, saying that their focus now is that they will collect every kobo that people are owing the State Government

“We did publication on August 13, in two widely read newspapers, drawing the attention of corporate organizations and individual residents of Oyo State to pay all their taxes, dues and levies that are supposed to pay to the State Government within 14 days”

“But that was like a reminder, prior to that: we served demand notices in line with extant laws on corporate organizations, individuals to pay their taxes. Some of the taxes are due early January, February, March, depending on the position of the law’.

‘However, when they failed to pay, we did the reminder in line with the position of the law and we now did a public notice on 14th August, giving them 14 days to be able to pay. So, nobody could tell us that they were not inform.”


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