“We also have been in the forefront in the push for patronage of made in Nigeria goods, by trying to ensure that Nigeria companies get first option in patronage from government businesses.

“Mark you that our government spends trillions of Naira yearly and most of this sometimes goes into imported products. We believe that agencies of government should give Nigeria companies at least that opportunity to see whether they can supply or provide the services.

“I think that will go a long way in stimulating the market and increase capacity for Nigerian companies. This is an area I believe a lot of our companies in Kwara can capitalize on and benefit from. This will increase your production and create more jobs for our people. So I want us to take advantage of this,” Saraki stated.

He said that his office will continue to collaborate with the Chamber in the drive o attract more investors into the state in the areas it has comparative competitive advantage.


Earlier, the President and Chairman of Council of KWACCIMA, Dr. Ahmed Adeoye, said the visit was meant to seek the collaboration of the President of the Senate on ways to further improve the business and living standard of the people of Kwara state.

“This effort, to the gladness of the leadership of KWACCIMA, was well noticed during your tenure as governor. Now as you occupy the seat of the Senate President, more can still be done in the area of attracting worthwhile investments to the state,” Adeoye stated.


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