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The Director General for National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Segun Runsewe has expressed worried over the rate of money rituals among Nigerian youths, and called for urgent need to tame the menace to avoid total collapse of the Nigeria family system.

Penpushing reports that, Runsewe made this known in a statement, pointing out that, the evil act became more worrisome when parents sometimes supported their children for the rituals, citing example of a boy who killed his girlfriend for rituals in conniving with his mother

‘The spirit of extreme love for money at all costs and by all means among Nigerian young persons must be tamed to avoid total collapse of the Nigeria family system’, Runsew cautioned, stating that the trend is uncultural, unnigerian and uncivilized and should be stopped by all well-meaning Nigerians from all works of life..

‘The killing of Miss Favour Daley–Oladele, a final year sociology student of Lagos State University by her friend and his mother for money ritual is unacceptable and has nothing to do with the rudiments and culturally accepted means of survival and of money making’, he declared.

“Killing somebody for money ritual is never a business neither does it have anything to do with being poor or lacking anything good in life but of a spirit not associated with our people and our way of life”. Runsewe submitted.

Penpushing further reports that, the custodian of Nigerian Culture, said to stem the tide, he enjoined  the people and Government at all levels to partner together in refocusing the minds of young Nigerians on the true values of our culture, particularly as it relates to working hard to earn a decent living.

“NCAC under my watch from 2020 will embark on Nationwide cultural advocacy to help call attention and reeducate Nigerians to stop the quest to become rich or make money by all means which if unchecked will destroy the entire fabric of the family system and the Nigerian culture of love for one another”.

Penpushing reports that, Runsewe further noted that this trend has also polluted parents who also sell their children for money ritual, prostitution or into slavery, just to make end meet, stressing, “we are not going to allow this to continue and we shall take the battle to various communities, institutions and leaders at all levels both religious and tempora so that we can bring Nigeria back again to what it used to be culturally.

The Director expressed worry over silence of women and groups, called on their leadership to take up the battle and stop Nigerians mothers from supporting their children in the quest to get rich at cost and not excluding a national woman conference or retreat to arrest the growth of cancer of get rich quick among young persons.

“Our women and mothers can do it and I want them to fight it right from the homes. If our mothers say no to this type of unacceptable attitude from our children, then we can go to sleep. We shall engage our women and they will take the matter and solve it’, Runsewe explained.

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