Please stop playing Nigerians like Ludo game, Ooni begs politicians

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi said cross-carpeting of politicians to political parties which has become a norm among them is for their individual selfish interest, and begged them to stop playing Nigerians like a ludo game.

Penpushing reports that, Ogunwusi stated this while speaking with journalists ahead of his 7-day seclusion where he’s expected to commune with his ancestors and for, all descendants of Oduduwa worldwide ahead of Olojo day festival, noting that politicians are birds of same feather when it comes to politics.

The monarch said he would go into seclusion for God to touch their (politicians) hearts, and for them to stop playing the country and Nigerians like ludo game, adding that, there was always need  to thank God Almighty and the spirit of  ancestors that have been guiding the country  thus far,.

Penpushing further reports that the royal father appealed to politicians to stop fooling the governed, and equally challenged them to start serving the people genuinely and stop taking the country for granted.

“We believe in the forces of nature for nature to conspire in our favour but every other thing in our country they are all man-made, the likes of security, our politicians will take credit for that, they are the ones that caused it till date’, Ooni said.

‘I will go again to seclusion for God to touch their hearts for them to stop playing all of us like ludo. They should be more sensitive about people because it is one political movement. They are just crisscrossing from one political party to the other in order to retain their positions’.

‘We have one political party in this country, same value, same character, same politician. But I am going to go into seclusion for God to touch their hearts for them to stop playing games with the lives of citizens of this country. It is about time for them to realize that they should serve us genuinely because we cannot continue like this’.

“This time around is a serious one, it is a request on behalf of the entire people, Oduduwa race and by extension our dear country Nigeria. I am going for God to touch their hearts and really pray to my ancestors. We are just deceiving ourselves that they are different,   they are the same. All of them have crossed to the major parties but Nigeria is above them all’,Ogunwusi added.

“This time around it is a very sensitive one and a very serious one. First of all to thank God Almighty and the spirit of our ancestors that have been guiding us thus far, God has really helped us with the pandemic issue because we won’t be able to handle it, when we compare things we have been doing with other nations. We have every course to be thankful to God’, he emphasised.

“They said we are spiritual and it is working for us in this country, we have course to thank God Almighty that it is not out of hands.  We should not rest our hoax; I am going to seclusion which is the 6th during my reign. I inherited the tradition from my ancestors of thousands of years ago”, Ooni said.

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