“In Kogi, Borno and Kaduna States, there are reports of the government sponsoring agents to attack and destroy properties belonging to opposition members and supporters. The Governor of Kaduna State demolished a property belonging to an opposition member and perceived political opponent; the PDP secretariat in Borno state was demolished; whilst party’s properties and those of supporters were destroyed by agents of government in Adamawa State,” Secondus said in the letter.

“All notable opposition leaders are being harassed or hounded by security operatives using all manners of frivolous and vexatious allegations. “Today, despite our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association and speech, Nigerians now live in fear of this intolerant, overbearing, bigoted and dictatorial administration seeking to foist a fascist regime on our country’, the petition said.

“How do we explain or justify the evil plan of the APC-led federal government to monitor citizens’ phone calls and social media communication purportedly to check for hate speeches without any enabling law? We decry this raging intimidation of our party officials, members and supporters and call on the United Nations and the international community to stand up and condemn this drift towards stone-age despotism’.

‘Nigeria is a democratic state and we reject any attempt by anybody to suppress the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people, particularly, regarding the choice of how they should be governed’, Secondus wrote in the petition

The Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) assured the UN Secretary General that the party would continue to pursue the ideals of democracy for the common good of the people as laid down by the founding fathers of our party.



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