“That in the event of Otunba Omisore choosing to remain in the PDP, he must within the same 72 hours withdraw all court cases instituted by him through his proxies and explore the internal mechanism in the party to resolve any grievances he has’.

“That in the event of a failure of Otunba Omisore to do the above, we call the leadership of the party at all levels to take appropriate disciplinary action against him in order to show that no single individuals inordinate ambition is above the larger interest of the party.”

“We are all leaders and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State and are therefore very interested in the progress of the party and its success in all elections beginning with the Governorship polls in September this year,” the statement further read.

“We use this medium to state that we are deeply shocked, saddened and disappointed at the most recent conduct of a former deputy governor who is also a former senator, Otunba Iyiola Omisore, who was reported to have personally supervised the burning of the PDP flag and other party symbols by some hoodlums at his office in Osogbo’.

“Picture showing him superintend over the burning of PDP flags and banner at the former PDP secretariat, Ogo Oluwa, went viral on all media. It is a fact that his action was the peak of the senator’s self-determined war against the PDP, the party of which he has been a major beneficiary.”

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