“We need to create enabling environment for reading in all our schools, the government need to do much friendly policies to support the local publishing industries and better author publisher partnership within frame work of improved intellectual property protection “

He added further that the vision of ISGPP Book Readers Club was also in part responsible for ISGPP location in Ibadan and its branding as Ibadan school, being the first university town in Nigeria

“It was indeed our sense of the depth of knowledge and capacity deficit that drives policy work in the government that inspired the mission of this great school as a national think tan, and this mission was to deploy the best intellectual, professional and patriotic resource available to Nigerian through the twin instrument of research and executive education to deepen policy work in government”

He however said that one of the major problem Nigeria citizen has was their inability to cultivate the habit of reading because most of them who visit libraries or even read one book in a year are the causes that promote a culture where virtual illiterate s aspire to public position in Nigeria

Also speaking at the event was Dr Kolade Mosuro who noted that book reading habit start with teachers in all schools, because they must also read before they can teach a student

“Book reading start with teachers because this is part of what they will undergo during the course of their teaching career, student also should pay more attention to literary hour, student should choose book as their best friend”

He however urged all Nigerian citizen to embrace the habit of book ready because book influence from generation to generation


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