On monetary involved in Nigeria politics, Sowore said, this has been same question asked everywhere he goes, but posited that, his movement would change the fashion, to pave way for good reasons why electorate should vote the best in political offices.

‘This is the same question I was asked when I started this movement 6 months ago, somebody told me that if you cannot show me N10 billion, I cannot follow you anywhere, but we have done a movement that is worth at this point about N200million. If I was a politician, the town hall meetings I have had in Kaduna, Kano, Onitsha; all the radio programs I have featured in would have had some kind of monetary connotation or implication, but it is not coming because we have some political capital; what is the capital .

‘I want Nigeria to be better, you want Nigeria to be better, you are thinking beyond instantaneous compensation and you are looking at the future and you are looking at the guy in front of you who can give you schools instead of a guy who can give you grinding machines water, pure water with it, and you eat and you call it stomach infrastructure; you ask him for bridge and you say it is inside your stomach; you ask for hospital, he said it is already in your stomach. People have learnt their lessons, we hope they continue to learn their lessons and become resolute to the point that during election time they get the message very clearly that we need


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