Lawyer who dressed in regalia of juju priest switch back to traditional legal gown, says spirits directed him

The ‘Juju Priest’ lawyer Malcolm Omirhobo on Wednesday switched to the traditional legal robe explaining that the spirits directed him to follow the professional dress code  , but quickly added that, nobody should be surprise seeing him other way in subsequent appearance in court

Penpushing reports that, the human rights lawyer, made the explanation while appearing before a court over two matters, recalling that his earlier decision to incorporate a  traditional worshippers look  into his dressing was due to the apex court’s ruling allowing Muslim students in Lagos to wear hijab in schools.

‘The spirit said we should do normal today. Don’t be surprised if you see me the other way tomorrow. Nigeria is a multi-religious society. We have the traditional worshippers, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists’, he said

Penpushing further reports that, the Delta state born lawyer, said the apex court judgement implies that, as long as individuals have rights, they can be allowed to go to their places of work or school in religious attire.

‘By that judgment, they are saying that wearing a hijab is a mode of worship by female Muslim pupils and any attempt to deprive them of that will amount to the violation of their fundamental human right, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and stopping or harassing them will amount to a violation of their right to dignity of their persons’, he posited.

“We have the traditional worshippers, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists. The judgment implies that as long as we all have rights, we all can be allowed to go to our places of work or school in our religious attire.”

The lawyer who is an activist, it is recalled made headlines last week when he appeared at the Supreme Court donning a combination of a lawyer and native doctor’s outfit, which caught many people and the judge unaware

Penpushing reports that,Omirhobo,  described his dressing while speaking with journalists  as one worn by the ‘Olokun’ worshippers, adding that he was being satirical, emphasizing that It is not just an Islamic, but that  Nigeria is a multi-religious society.

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