Kidnappers collected my $150 worth wedding ring, other valuables after paying N100millon ransom,says prelate

The Prelate of Methodist Nigeria, Samuel Kanu- Uche has disclosed that kidnapeers who seized him and two other, collected his wedding ring worth $150 and other valuables in addition to N100million ransom collected.

Penpushing reports that the cleric made this known while narrating his experience in custody of the abductors, just as he insisted that military officers were involved in the operations.

The clergyman, it is recalled was kidnapped last week, while returning from a programme in the area alongside his chaplain, Abidemi Shittu and the Church’s Owerri Bishop, Dennis Okechukwu.

Penpushing further reports that, he explained that their vehicle was attacked by a group of eight heavily-armed young men dressed in black attire,adding that his driver had attempted to circumvent the kidnappers when they jumped out of the bush, but they fired shots and deflated their vehicle’s tyres.

The Prelate recalled that the kidnappers forced them inside a forest adding that thereafter leader of the kidnappers introduced himself as the commander-general of the forest in the area and also in charge of kidnappings from Lokpa, Isuochi, Ihube and Isikwuato, all in Abia State.

Penpushing also reports that he said the commander told him that they were not robbers but only kidnap for ransom, assuring that they would be freed if they were able to pay the agreed ransom

The cleric said the bandits commander later warned them(victims) that they would behead them and dump their corpses in a big gully without being traced if they failed to pay the ransom,adding that  they threatened to kill one of them when he pleaded with the kidnappers to accept N50 million as ransom.

Penpushing reports that Kanu-Uche said the kidnappers said they would share the money with their sponsors,insisting that the least they would collect was N100million

“When they went to collect the ransom (from our people), they brought in more people hidden somewhere with more guns. And they were heartless. When they said, ‘you can go,’ they didn’t even give us even N200 to board a bike. Nothing. They just allowed us to walk like that. It was the worst humiliation I have ever witnessed in life,” he said.

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