Q: What is your name?

A: My name is Adeeko Owolabi

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 23 years

Q: What do you do?

A: I am a student

Q: Which school?

A: Lagos State University (LASU)

Q: Still in school?

A: I am done going for service

Q: You’re to go for your youth service?

A: Yes

Q: The lady in question, how long have you been dating?

A: Roughly one month

Q: How did you meet her?

A: I met her in school, when I was preparing for my Carry-over

Q: She’s also a final year student?

A: Yes

Q: She knows your parents?

A: No

Q: You didn’t introduce her to any of your parents?

A: We just met and I don’t even really have her time

Q: How do you mean you don’t have her time?

A: I was facing my family issues then, everything happening then is out of my knowledge.

Q: What do you mean by family issues?

A: Personal issues now

Q: When you’re saying ‘Personal issues’, but you discussed it with your Pastor?

A: He’s not my Pastor; he’s just my spiritual father.

Q: He is your spiritual father but you’re aware he’s into all these cultism whatever?

A: He’s not into cultist whatever, he only raised a solution which is ungodly and the solution was just between me and the Pastor, not a family in general.

Q: Was the the Pastor who asked you to bring a human being?

A: Yes

Q: Did he deny it?

A: No, he did not

Q: When he asked you to bring a human being, what did he tell you he’s going to use the human being for?

A: For the local concoction soap

Q: Do you have junior ones?

A: No, I am the only Child

Q: Then how do you come about making that girl your choice?

A: She’s the only one for now that we talk frequently.

Q: That’s why you came up on using her?

A: Yes

Q: How did you lure her to your spiritual father?

A: I called her on that Sunday, she said she is at Mowe and she said, how will she get there and I explained to her on phone, so when she got to Ikoyi- Ile Junction, she called me, when she called me, I told her to take a bike going to Fortress and when she got to Fortress, immediately, sincerely speaking, she has been complaining that she is tired that she wants to relax but I lied to her to come and meet my dad’s elder brother, that was how I moved her from the hotel.

Q: So you were in the hotel?

A: Yes, that was how I moved her from the hotel to the Church

Q: So when she gets there what happened?

A: She was still complaining that she’s tired and needs to relax, I was asked to go inside and find a mat for her, so I laid the mat down at front of the Church, outside the Church.

Q: How many people were in the Church then?

A: The wife of the Pastor and his Children

Q: They saw her?

A: No, they did not……..

Q: (Cuts In) Go ahead

A: So, when I noticed that she has fallen asleep already, I took a mortal pestle and I hit it on her head two times…

Q: (Cuts In) while she was sleeping?

A: Yes, while she was sleeping

Q: Who asked you to do that?

A:  I went to asked the Pastor that what next, and he said that is the pestle and that is that, I should take any of it, then I picked the mortal pestel and hit it on her head.

Q: She died on the spot or?

A: Yes

Q: Immediately, you hit it on her?

A: Yes, immediately I hit it on her head two times, the Pastor moved closer, then cut the head, removed the heart,  the two palms, flesh from the leg and the two breasts.

Q: And you witnessed all these?

A: I was there

Q: And you witnessed it?

A: I was not myself again but I was there

Q: When the Pastor was removing all those parts, you were there?

A: Yes

Q: And you didn’t feel bad about it?

A: I feel bad but the deed has been done already

Q: What you did showed that you don’t love the girl, you’re only deceiving her, do you agree?

A: Is not that I don’t like her,  she didn’t do anything bad to me, but….

Q: Did you do it to address the misfortune in the family or what?

A: I did it to address the misfortune in the family

Q: What is that misfortune?

A: My dad does not have work for some years, my mum has been the one helping the family, at the long-run, my mum too loose her job, after loosing her job, she also start collecting contract, she has been doing that before losing her labour, even when the contract itself is not  coming in again, and some other spiritual that has to do with my mum and my dad, and even myself too, I tried to make income but all my process of making income is not working at all.

Q: Doing what?

A: I tried to sell smart-watch and Earpod but people will promise that so-so day they will come and get it but they will not come, with my little document, I tried to make Curriculum Vitae (CV) to get a job but I did not get the job, somebody even told me there was a work at the Airport, but it’s a Cargo work that it had to with riding of bike, I said I don’t know how to ride bike but I can only drive car, so despite that, I still went for someone to start teaching me, so when I got someone to start teaching, I went back to meet the person and the person said they have given the job to another person.

Q: Who sponsored you to school, how did you paid your school fees?

A: My parents

Q: If your parents sponsored you to school, what misfortune are you referring to again?

A: It is a very long story, even the school fees of a thing, that I do pay once and I start paying two times, even the two times….

Q: (Cuts In) But as a student, you’re not the only student that will be facing such challenges?

A: Sure

Q: So why don’t you wait for your time?

A: I know everything in this life is about lesson, I know God wants me to learn a lesson, I am very sure of that because I do dream…..

Q: (Cuts In) That?

A: I don’t have dream like about things I want to acquire but I do first dream about it

Q: You have a dream about this?

A: I don’t have a dream that is why I said that God wants to make experience as the best teacher

Q: When you killed the girl, removed those parts of organs in her body, where did you bury the remaining corpse?

A: There has been an abandoned well in  front of the Church which they have been digging for years that it does not get water, they noticed it was rock, so they abandoned it for like a year now, so that is where we abandoned the remaining part of the body and we covered it.

Q: At what point were you arrested?

A: On the 24 (December, 2019)

Q: How were you arrested?

A: I was at Paga to go and get money, to go and meet my Mummy at Ibadan

Q: Where and what  is Paga?

A: Where they do like PoS (Point of Sale) that is where they arrest me

Q: How did they get to know you’re the person responsible for it?

A: They tracked the girl’s phone because the prophet was using the girl’s phone.

Q: So, the Prophet was still using the girl’s phone and it was through the phone that they got you and your conversation with the girl?

A: They tracked the Prophet and when they got the Prophet, they also got me.

Q: You know this is a case of murder?

A: Yes

Q: And you know the consequences of murder?

A: Yes

Q: What do you want to say to that?

A: It is a law of karma, what goes around comes around, but what will really pain me is that if my Mummy is also killed because my Mummy did not know about it, it was just a work between me and the Prophet alone.

Q: If your Mummy does not know anything about it, did you tell the Police that?

A: Yes, I have been saying it, people have been coming to ask me questions and I have been saying it, that my mummy do not know about it.

Q: But you are the one who introduced your Mummy to Pastor?

A: Yes

Q: When you  introduced her to the Pastor, did the Pastor tell you, he is going to use the concoction to solve your mother’s problem, since the soap is from the girl’s part? 

A: Since he already told me that, that is what they want to  use it for but it’s only me and the Prophet that know, my mummy does not know anything, her belief is that its goat they killed in her presence that she was eating not human being.

Q:  So you’re in the best position to exonerate your mum?

A: I have been doing that

Q: What about your Dad?

A: Since the day we were caught, he has not been allowed to come

Q: But your Dad knows you’re detained here with your mum?

A: How do you want me to know?

Q: Because it is in the news

A: People have been talking  of the news and everything, but I myself have not heard anything

Q: What I am saying is that he must have heard?

A: I don’t know

Q: Are you not in good terms with your father?

A: Why not? Our phones are down, people would have been trying our phones, so there is no need to get in touch with him, so that’s just it.

Q: Now that you rightly said, you said it is ‘law of karma’, are you prepared for death?

A: I know if it’s not my time, I won’t die and if it’s my time to go, I will go, that’s just it.

Q: What are your regrets?

A: I regret a lot of things because I also damaged my future.

Q: Have they retrieved the corpse of the girl by the parents?

A: I don’t know.

Q: After the killing and you dumping the corpse in the well, you’re still comfortable, having a sound sleep?

A: I did not have any sound sleep, I have been saying it from the day I killed the girl, I have been feeling very bad in me, immediately I killed the girl, all the urge in me also died, I have been feeling very bad.

Q: What enter your head that you killed the girlt?

A: I don’t even know, it’s more than my knowledge, I can’t even say, it’s more than my knowledge.

Q: What’s your advice to your age group?

A: There is no shortcut to success; they should surely wait for their time.

Q: Which success are you pursuing that led you to this, to make money?

A: To make my parents to be okay, because I know when they are okay, I will be okay too, when they are okay, I don’t need to ask for everything, they know what to do, even when I ask for N5, they can give me N50, so that’s just it



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