The Governor said it was imperative for bank officials to evolve more pragmatic approaches that would encourage savings and investments, create links between savers and investors, as well as facilitate the expansion of financial market.

Penpushing further reports that, he noted that the promotion of the local Adire fabrics, was his administration’s deliberate policy, to stimulate the country’s market and create value chain, adding that government would partner with banks to get single digits interest loan for the State’s farmers, retailers, artisans and tradesmen.

The Governor said though the country depended more on the oil industry, “the banking industry plays a crucial role in the development of agriculture and its value chain, infrastructure, manufacturing, education, health, among others’’.

Penpushing also reports that, Abiodun reiterated that government would make information available through digitalization, to drive employment and create jobs, while digitization of land administration process through the geographic information system was being pursued.

The Governor pointed out that the theme of the retreat was in tandem with his administration’s inclusive and participatory approach to governance, adding that the State had attracted 75 percent foreign direct investment in the last three years, as a result of conducive business environment.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor and Chairman of the Banker’s Committee, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, in his speech charged commercial banks and other financial institutions to ensure provision of better services that would add values to the nation’s economy.

Penpushing reports that Emefiele noted that banks, as major stakeholders, should play the role of catalysts to the nation’s economic development, by impacting positively on the wellbeing of the citizens rather than engaging on money-making activities alone.

The Governor of the Central Bank posited that there was a link between economic growth and security, advising participants to plan towards achieving robust and efficient economy that would add values to all categories of business men and women.

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