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Food vendors resort to firewood because of high cost of gas

Elizabeth Oluwo(Intern)

Food vendors have raised the alarm that high cost of gas is now forcing them to resort to use of charcoal and firewood as alternative means to prepare food for customers, as well in their homes, stressing that they could not afford purchase of the gas in filling cylinder.

Penpushing reports that the complaint was made known during an interview with number of the food vendors in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital and environs, stressing that in addition, less customers now patronize them.

The vendors explained that the low patronage had been linked to lack of purchase power from the customers, many of them who could not afford cost of sales of the food, due to crash economy being experience.

Penpushing further reports that one of the traders, identified as Busayo emphasized that it is now extremely difficult to refill gas cylinder, recalling that the gas which used to cost N500 per kilogramme is now being sold at N1,400

‘The high cost of gas has become a nightmare for us, it is just too difficult to refill now. The amount we were getting two cylinders is what we are getting one cylinder now, and ironically many of us don’t have money to purchase again because of the exorbitant price’, she stated

‘The amount gas was been sold when I started this market was good, it was N550 per one kg but now is 1,400 per one kg. The sales have really drop because of the high cost of refilling gas cylinder’, she complained.

‘We just pray that the price should come back to the previous price because most people are no longer filling their gas cylinder as they use to do before. Honestly, this is killing our business almost every day’, she emphasised

Penpushing also reports that another vendor, a pepper seller who simply preferred being identified as Iya Ibeji in a related development lamented that she has never experience this kind of hardship since she started the business of pepper selling.

‘In the previous times I have been getting bulk of pepper for N50,000 but now is N100,000, there has also being sudden increment in the price of Indomie. Bag of Titus fish being sold for N60,000, but now cost N120,000. The recent Titus fish I bought which is small, I bought it for N82,000. With #100,000 before I can get a lot of market products, but now I can only get a little and also, we do not get much profit on the goods’, she added.

Penpushing reports that another trader, Qudijat Aremu complained about the consistent change in prices of goods which he noted has never been like that before, adding that the development affects profit.

‘The cost of goods before is more preferable than the current. People do buy a lot of goods before when naira has value than now but now reverse is the case. I hardly sell well in the market in a day because everyone is managing. This hardship is too much to bear’, she said

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