Similarly, Vice Chancellor of the University,  Professor Kayode  Soremekun said the introduction of post graduate studies was an affirmation of one of the goals he set for himself when he was appointed to head the school two years ago.

Soremekun also explained that the programme was designed to shred open the myth behind postgraduate programmes run by other Nigerian universities.

‘’We intend to take the sting out of the postgraduate school.  By this, I mean we will not delay students unduly beyond the stipulated time for the programmes and we will not compromise on quality’ ’, he emphasised

The VC who had handled postgraduate studies in several universities in Nigeria and the United States, said there was no need to unduly elongate postgraduate programmes , especially as Nigeria is in need of qualified professionals to teach in new universities springing up across the country.

‘’The introduction of this programme is a fulfillment of the pledge of the Federal Government, which is provide access to education to all those who seek it so that Nigeria will be a better place. The cost in time and resources is not prohibitive as we are determined to provide access to quality postgraduate education for our students’’, he added

Soremekun, a Fulbright scholar and also a Rockefeller and Ford Foundation fellow who has received many post-graduate and post-doctoral qualifications from several international institutions, was appointed Vice Chancellor of the in 2016.

‘I owe a lot to the energy and drive of the last dean of the postgraduate school, Rasaki Ojo Bakare. Now since we have opened our doors to postgraduate students, we will ensure that they receive the best teaching and research support to excel,’ Soremekun said.

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