There is no doubt, the election didn’t come to an end without the usual tension and intrigues that accompany elections in the country.Since it’s a game of number, individual politicians apply various strategies to outsmart one another by wooing electorates to their sides particularly before the election day.

In the process, toes are stepped on and some wouldn’t give a hoot, while some would apologise. Some would suddenly become too courteous to their neighbours in order to attract their votes to their parties.

It is inevitable, especially in this part of the world, to create acrimony among party faithful and supporters which engenders physical attacks among them.

However, the moment the electoral umpire, the returning officer for the state announces the results of the exercise, then celebration and lamentation would ensue. One’s participation depends on whichever side of the divide one belongs.

Hearts of the loser beats abnormally wondering what the winner would do in retaliation of the evil meted out to him before and during the election process.

There are precedents where members of the losing party became targets of obnoxious policies introduced to deliberately deal with them and probably incapacitate them financially ahead of the next election.

The height of persecution of Dr. Kayode Fayemi by the outgoing Governor Ayodele Fayose was strong enough to send jitters to the spines of those who were involved in the persecution process and anyone close to the governor when Dr. Fayemi was declared winner of the election by INEC.

Surprisingly, in his maiden address as the Governor-Elect of Ekiti State, Dr. Fayemi waved an olive branch.

In the camp of the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) which would effectively swap positions with APC in October, the speech is a bait. They’re afraid Fayemi might be using this to catch them napping and hand them over to the waiting arms of the anti-graft agency.

Scanning through the historic speech of the Governor-Elect, one would realise he’s not out on vendetta trip, but rather setting straight all distorted socio-economic foundations in the state.

Emphasising on inevitable happenings during elections, Dr. Fayemi was blunt about the fact that all, not even twice, will always share same view about an issue.

He said: “The very nature of elections are divisive as we cannot all see things from the same perspective, neither can we all have the same preference for political parties and candidates. However, regardless of how we voted yesterday, I encourage us all to accept the results in true democratic spirit and commence the journey to reuniting our state.”

He admitted his responsibility as the representative of all indigenes of the state, being entrusted with the reins of power and running of the affairs of the state on their behalf including those who didn’t vote for him at the poll.

Assuring the people of his understanding of the position he’s occupying in the lives of the people, the Governor-Elect stated that “Despite the divisive nature of the contest, I want you to remember our bond of unity as Ekiti people. I, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, hereby offer myself to be the governor of all irrespective of faith, creed or political belief.”

Rumour that he would deal with different unions that supported the PDP-led government in the state, particularly the commercial drivers and motorbike riders associations who went off road on APC mega rally day has been dismissed by the Governor-Elect.

Some even went to the extent of wrapping unfounded rumour round traditional rulers in the state, saying they worked against APC during the election. Having been familiar with the terrain and the accompanied intrigues, Dr. Fayemi waved aside all this, saying “I thank all Civic Society actors, the international community, our traditional institutions, religious organisations, trade and labour organisations, and the media, for their activities which have in no small measure contributed to the success of the elections.”

It is noteworthy that he appreciated the importance of other contestants at the just concluded election as he hinted that he would rob minds with them in fashioning a foolproof blueprint that would launch the state socioeconomic profile meteorically. This does not mean that there are no plans of ground, but giving all stakeholders sense of belonging would enhance the success of such plans.

Dr. Fayemi said: “I look forward to consulting with you all to secure your input as we fine-tune our governance agenda for the years ahead.”

Although it’s a rare feat to have all inclusive government in the country, but Dr. Fayemi had in the past displayed such propensity that are foreign to the nation as he continued and sustained all laudable programmes being initiated by his predecessor, Chief Segun Oni despite the fact that they belonged to different political parties as then and the rigorous judicial battle he went through before clinching power.

He has been observed to have been consistent and his words are his bonds. It won’t be an issue of trusting too far if one expects inputs from other contestants who are willing to do so.

Nonetheless, Dr. Fayemi made it clear that his administration is fully ready to hit the ground running as he reeled out some of the grey areas that he would tackle urgently even before the swearing-in ceremony day, which revealed his familiarity with the plights of the people.

“As we look forward to the inauguration of the new APC administration on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, I offer my assurances that we will not wait till then to bring immediate succour to you. We will proactively explore all avenues within the limits of the law, especially through the Transition Committee to be set up very soon, to ensure the outgoing administration prioritises the payment of the backlog of salaries to all categories of workers and pensioners,” the Governor-Elect assured.

Job seekers in the state were all given hope by Dr. Fayemi when he disclosed his planned move to appeal to all investors that had closed shop in the state to return as he promised to “ensure the business of governance is once again conducted in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability as we would cooperate with the relevant agencies of state to determine why our people have experienced so much suffering in spite of the vast resources that has been available to the current administration.”

He concluded that “we would commence immediate consultations with the many corporate organisations and development agencies that had left the state due to the draconian measures put in place by the outgoing administration, in order to once again attract the participation of such enablers of jobs creation, peace, and prosperity in our state.”

However, the speech delivered by the Governor-Elect is a sure ticket to a new era of governance with a positive difference.

Bolu-Olu Esho is a journalist and socio-political analyst

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