In the same vein, they alleged that Fayemi was handing a tag to the delegates with inscription “JKF” on which they wrote the serial number of the ballot papers, fearing that it was an attempt to monetise the process.

But in contrary, Abedeji Adewunmi who is Fayemi’s agent, said the other agents chose to disrupt the process because they saw that the voting was in favour of his aspirant, adding “they disrupted the election because we are leading. The rule was that if a delegate had difficulty identifying who to vote for, he can call the agent and he could be guided on how to vote,” he said.

“So when the other agents saw that those who were voting were calling on the agent of JKF, they felt we were leading and were not comfortable”, he added

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The Director General of the Babafemi Ojudu campaign, Ranti Adebisi, said the process could not continue because it had been compromised, stating, “the process has been compromised. When there was a rule that you can only bring in two people. He brought in 18 observers. He cannot come here and disrupt what is going on in Ekiti State,” he said.

Other agents complained that the party had no clear guidelines as to how the process should be conducted, changing the rules intermittently without informing those participating in the process. They also alleged that some security operatives close to the voting area were telling the delegates how to vote and to vote for Mr Fayemi. They called for the stoppage of the exercise with all their observations considered before the primaries could be continued.

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