Babatunde Fashola railway station lacks toilet facility, as passengers’ resort to nearby outlet to answer call of nature

The Babatunde Raji Fashola railway station located in Agege area of Lagos State is now becoming eyesore as the station lacks toilet facility and potable water for passengers, who resort to nearby outlets to answer call of nature.

Penpushing reports that investigation revealed that the toilets have been under lock and key for over two months, as the management could not maintain the toilet facility due to lack of water for use by the passengers.

The railway station which is one of those established by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to bring sucour for travelers, is now turning to a nightmare, as the passengers could not have access into the toilets when needed to do so.

Penpushing further reports on visit number of occasions, both the male and females toilets have been put under lock by the management, as findings equally revealed that the staffers of the station were helpless about the ugly development.

The investigation equally showed that following the unpleasant situation many passengers, particularly the minors answered the call of nature, beside wall of the railway terminus which was regarded as the urgent and alternative option.

Penpushing also reports that check around the terminus revealed pervaded odour which was the fallout of accumulated urine, which ooze out to the surroundings and further make passengers uncomfortable and had to cover their nostrils

The number of passengers who spoke with Penpushing Media expressed disappointment over the non-challance of the authorities to make the station conducive for them, affirming that when there was need to answer call of nature they have rushed to a nearby bush

Penpushing reports that it is recalled that this media outlet had on May 14, 2023 did a similar story about the station, following fuel shortage affecting the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) as passengers plying Lagos- Abeokuta-Ibadan routes got stranded at the station.

The passengers were kept in suspense for hours for two consecutive two days following management inability to get fuel for the train, which lasted for hours, and the journey had to be delayed, with apprehension written on the faces of the passengers.

The investigation at the Babatunde Raji Fashola railway station it is recalled showed number of helpless passengers loitering round as they could not determine their fate for a journey expected to start from 4.25pm, could not start as at 7.00pm.

Penpushing further reports that the passengers having bought tickets for Lagos-Abeokuta-Ibadan trips became restless as night falls without any relief message or information from the management, this development was said to have caused them unaware because there was no prior information.

The station in a related development as exclusively reported by Penpushing Media on October 23, 2021 was converted to abode by some suspected miscreants and homeless Nigerian youths, with  about twenty of them  seen sleeping recklessly on three of rail lines and behind perimeter fence of the station, leading to the boarding axis of the station which has passage elevators of  passengers.

Penpushing also reports that the report has it that the passengers boarding the train from the station enroute Abeokuta-Ibadan were shocked sighting the hordes of the miscreants found ‘comfortably’ sleeping on the rails, and looking unkept.

The passengers who spoke with Penpushing Media raised eyebrow about the presence of the miscreants, expressing fear that, they(miscreants) may be up to hidden agenda, in view of the prevailing insecurity in the country.

Penpushing reports that the passengers then called on the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), to urgently rise up to the risk associated with the presence of the miscreants at the station, cited the recent example of the bandits bombing the Abuja-Kaduna railway line

The staffers of the station when contacted about the ugly development declined to comment, explaining that they are civil servants who are not permitted to officially speak on issues relating to affairs of the station.

Penpushing further reports that, some residents of the area who spoke said, it was not news or strange to them seeing the miscreants at the station, adding that, hordes of them are at the station, and that their number rises at night when the officials of the station close for the day

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