He added further that they would be relevant if they also register to vote when called to do so by INEC; participate actively at the ward level of your party, attend meetings, and contribute meaningfully during discussions; vote and encourage others to vote during election period.

The clergyman told his members that they should not stay back at home and watch television, play football or sleep but rather they should monitor and protect their vote.

 “Sidon look approach will not help us as Christians. Mike Murdock said, ‘Never complain about what you permit’. If we do not participate actively in politics, then we do not have the right to complain about the type of leaders that are presented by political parties to be voted for and voted into various offices’, he cautioned.

 “If we must bring back the glory of Nigeria and rise to more glory as a nation, then effective participation is compulsory for all Christians,” the statement said.

He also condemned the recent killings by suspected herdsmen in Benue State and other parts of northern Nigeria and called for immediate government action to stop the killings.

 Similarly, the association president called for restructuring of the country, stressing need to update how we govern ourselves, while restructuring must be done without bias..

 “There is the need to update how we govern ourselves, thus, Re-structuring the nation after 57 years is a welcome development. It must be done without bias or prejudice to religion, ethnicity, class or group affiliation’.

 “For Nation building to be a sustainable force for peace building, it must incorporate more than just the Western appendages of democracy, voting systems, free market development and increase in the Gross National Product (GNP) of the nation,” he said.

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