Agodo community saga: Two survivors give graphic details of how traditional ruler was murdered

Two lucky survivors in attack launched by suspected assassins which claimed life of the traditional ruler of Agodo community of Ewekoro local government area of Ogun State, Oba Ayinde Odetola have narrated graphic details on how the monarch was brutally murdered.

Penpushing reports that, the duo of Alfa Wahaab Habideen and Deborah Onilere in a separate interview also explained how they narrowly escaped from the scene, when the traditional was being subjected to torture before being killed.

The Alfa in his own account said he was in company of the monarch at the building site of brother of the traditional ruler, who was also murdered some months ago, when suddenly the gunmen arrived with sort of charms and dangerous weapons

Penpushing further reports that, Habideen who also received matchet cuts before escaping into the bush, recalled that, the traditional ruler was beaten blue and black by the assailants who later pour keg of petrol on him and subsequently set him ablaze

‘’W e were at the building site of the late brother of the monarch who was also murdered some months ago, to tidy up the site when the thugs came.  Suddenly they started hauling stones on us, and we saw one of them(nameswitheld) advancing  towards us and asking others to launch attack’, he said

‘I was standing beside  Kabiyesi and engaged in a discussion, but in a jiffy , three  of the attackers approached us, and started using plants to beat us. Some symphatizers within the vicinity were trying to guide Kabiyesi  to move to his car’, Habideen explained

‘As soon as Kabiyesi got close to his car, one of the attackers(nameswitheld) poured petrol on his head, and while the Kabiyesi was trying to wipe off the petrol from his face, the attackers landed big planks on him from behind, and the Kabiyesi fell and lost control’, he added

‘I took to my heels, but they pursued me hit me with matchete and I narrowly escaped into the nearby bush, from where I found my way to the nearby police station, to make report and requested the police to help rescue the Kabiyesi, but the police said the scene crime was not their jurisdiction’ recalled

Penpushing also reports that, the survivor said, he later took a motorcycle back to the scene, and to his shock, the monarch had been set ablaze, while the perpetrators, who he said include some indigenes of the community had escaped from the scene.

The woman survivor of the attack, Rebecca Onilere in her own account which was also in line with the man, said she was in company of the deceased traditional ruler when the attackers arrived the site and violently claimed his life

Penpushing reports that, the Kabiyesi and herself alongside some others were supervising the clearance of the site, when the gunmen, on approach where the monarch was, started beating him up, adding that while she attempted to query them, the thugs equally descended on her.

‘I was in company of the Kabiyesi to the site to inspect the clearing of the site. The thugs suddenly arrived, and started beating Kabiyesi with planks, immediately I questioned them, they descended on me with stones and matchet’, she narrated

Penpushing  further reports that, the woman who was crying profusely while narrating the ordeal said , the monarch sensing danger, decided to move into his car, apparently to avoid further attack,but was not that lucky, as one of the  thugs (namewitheld) moved closer to him, and poured petrol on his head

‘’Sensing danger, Kabiyesi moved to his car, it was at this stage one of the attackers(namewitheld) poured petrol on his head, as Kabiyesi was advancing to his car, he was subsequently attacked with plants and fell flat’, the woman recalled

‘As soon as I attempted to rescue the Kabiyesi, the thugs again descended on me and seized my phone, while I was trying to also escape from the troubled spot, I lost control of my strength, and was later rushed to the hospital for medications’, the survivors emphasized

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