In his own speech, a Professor of linguistics from the University of Ibadan, Professor Francis Egbokliare who reviewed a book written in the memory of the late MKO Abiola titled “June 12, less we forget”, said Nigeria as a nation is still in chain, ‘because our dear country have not gain freedom as it has been speculated that Nigeria has gained independent since 1960’

“Everything in our national pledge has now turned to irony, June 12 represent the true nature of democracy because it was a day Nigerians voted for a candidate that was widely acceptable in all the regions in Nigeria”


The Professor who was a former Director of Distance Learning at the University of Ibadan noted some significant of June 12 in the history of Nigeria, adding that ‘ June 12 was the day Nigerians conducted the most free and fair election, June 12 was a subversion of the popular will of all Nigerians, it shows that Nigerians can have the right and acceptable person, June 12 is more than MKO Abiola as a person, it represent a stolen mandate of Nigerian citizen, it was a statement that we are not stupid”

He, however urged Nigerians to remain as one and continue to live in unity because the country has been in dissaray and we need to be united so that we can enjoy the struggle for democracy that Abiola laid his life for

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