His words ‘ Nigeria has been making a mistake of voting in leaders that are inadequate and incapable, Buhari is not capable to be the President of this country because his administration has been hijacked by some cabals in his government’

The Senate President called for unity to flush out Buhari from power, adding that with his election as next President he would move the country forward positively’, adding that ‘there is need for us to vote in leader who is not bias and sentimental, we need to vote in someone who is capable and committed to the development and unity of Nigeria. Am here to solicit for your support so that my dream can come to true, I will reform Nigeria if voted into power”.

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Penpushing also reports that, in similar vein, former Governor of Sokoto State who is also one of the Presidential Aspirants under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), Alhaji Athahiru Bafarawa during his visit to the party Secretariat said Nigeria should join hands to remove Buhari, stating that he(Buhari) has failed the promise made to Nigerians who voted him into power in 2015

Bafarawa added further that, it must be a collective effort by Nigerians to remove All Progressives Congress(APC) administration in Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari stressing that Buhari has failed to live up to expectation of the electorate that voted him into power

Hear him ‘ let us join hand to remove Buhari because he has failed all the promises he made to Nigerians, we have to unite so that our dream can come true. My own politics is not a do or die affair, I want you to support me so that I can be Nigeria President come 2019, I can’t do it alone, I need your full support for me to come out victorious”

The Presidential Aspirant, however, said he has written out his manifesto so that people can hold him responsible if he failed to fulfill them after he has been voted as Nigeria President come 2019

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